Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit Review

This year the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) falls on 8th Sept, 2014. Just around the corner…7 days to go. Nowadays, there are getting more and more new varieties for moon cakes. I personally still prefer the traditional lotus paste moon cake (月饼) and moon biscuit (公仔饼).

I am a nuts lover and my all time favorite moon biscuit (公仔饼) is Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit (梁贤坚果公仔饼), produced by Leong Yin Pastry (梁贤) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moonbiscuit  3

Why i likes Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit?

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit is unique when comparing to other brand products; it is full of varieties of nuts and seeds – almond, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds & sunflowers seeds.  The mixtures of the taste of moist moon biscuit  and crunchy nuts make every bite so enjoyable and irresistible. Another thing I like it is it is not too sweet. Love it!

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moonbiscuit

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit packaging

The product is packed in a nice packaging as shown below.

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moonbiscuit Packaging

Each package consists of 15 individual pack,  sealed in pretty plastic beg. Each of it weight around +/- 42 gram.

Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moonbiscuit Packaging 2

The price of this biscuit itself, the retail price is RM36. Currently you can get a 20% discount at their stall set up at Gurney Plaza new wing, and the price after discount is RM 28.80. In average, the cost per biscuit is RM1.92. It’s really value for money. If you are looking for a tasty, not pricey, and presentable Mid-Autumn gift, you should grab this!

Will i buy the moon biscuit again?

Yes, I will


Name : Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit

Address: 81, Jalan Patani, 10150 Georgetown, Penang

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00Am till 10:00PM

Cuisine: Biscuit

Homepage: Leong Ying Homepage

Tel: Ryan Choo (P.A. Managing Director) 013-4881888

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit made by Leong Ying pastry
  • Seasonal biscuit
  • Fully loaded with tonne of nuts.
  • Value for money (after discount ~RM1.92 per/pc)
  • Great packaging which suitable as a gift
  • Certified Halal

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