50% discount on Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 MEMBER day July 23 & 24

Good New !! 50% discount on Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 MEMBER day July 23 & 24

I got to know about this when i my wife called me for lunch.

wife : Hey , let go to for lunch in Xuan Xin, today it is their member day which give 50% discount.

me : ok, let go !! 50% wo!! what a big frog jumping around. So cheap.

Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 MEMBER day 23-24 July discount banner in Queensbay Mall

We drive over to Queensbay Mall’s Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇. When we arrived the restaurant, i saw the 50% discount banner as shown on the left.  This is great !! It do give 50% discount to the member !!

When we walking into the restaurant ~ 1150am in Queensbay Mall which is consider early for lunch, i found that the restaurant is nearly full. With such kind of big discount, definitely will attract a lot of member to return for a feast.

4 of us was lead to the table No. 1.  which is the most inner table beside the entrance to the kitchen. This table is not that good as it is pretty crowed with waitress walking in and out from the kitchen. But anyway, we don’t have any other choice, we will have to accept it.

The table setting is ready there and the waitress pass us the menu.


The Menu

There are 3 different menu that passed to us, i.e. the main course menu, the Dim Sum menu, and the Ice Floss menu. The waitress also pass us the 50% discount menu which is special for the member day.  Not all the dishes has the 50% discount. Only selected dishes. Well, we has just ordered all the item from the discount menu. This is kind of piss off. Why don’t they give 50% to all dishes?

Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 Menu -3 type of main Menu


Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 Menu – Dim Sum, More than 30 selection for you to choose.


Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 Menu – ICE floss


The setting and the ordering system

Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇 Pinging system, call the waitress, request for bill, request for water. Which is good for big restaurant.

Xuan Xin has a good menu and good ordering system. Basically what we need, we just write it in the paper and press the button !! Press “Call” and the waitress will come.

Does the waitress really come?

Yes and no, due to high spike in customer on that day, some time , no waitress has come after the first press. Well we understand the situation here, what we do is just press again. Finally the waitress come and we submitted our request.

After waiting for 10 minutes, our food come and we enjoy the food.

Here is what we have for today lunch

  • Stir fried short bean cook with some chicken.  This dishes is good with little bit of sweet and hot due to the chilli and sources. The short bean was being fried and mix with the source
  • Fried Kuey Teow with scallop – The flat noodle (Kuey Teow) which make of rice flour stir fried with some seafood. In this case, it is some scallop. and is only cost RM 10+
  • Fried rice – normal fried rice with some chicken slide.
  • Deep Fried chicken in Thai Source –  Anything that related to Thai source will have sweet and sour taste. Plus some spice on it, it really make this a good dishes.
  • Stir Fried pork rib – The port rib is fried , then mix with the special made source and onion.
  • chicken porridge – when this porridge arrive, the actual picture and the actual dishes is different. We are a bit of disappointed.  This feeling recovered after we eat the porridge. all the ingredient was mixed into the porridge. The picture shown in the leaflet is just for illustration only. Btw, it only cost RM1.99. We have nothing to complain.

Total cost for the day

When the waitress hand us the final bill , it cost us ~RM 100 for 6 dishes. This is kind of surprise as it suppose to have 50% discount.

ah ha.. here is the trick that they use..the 50% discount has been credit to the member card. It can only be used for next visit.

In this case, we will need to make the full payment and the 50% can only be use in next visit.  This is a marketing strategy that ensure the customer will return to Xuan Xin to redeem the credit. It may take 2 -3 times visit to completely redeem the credit if you come alone.

Final Verdict

Does it worth to go to Xuan Xin member day promotion? Yes, the price after discount is cheap. Normal price is a bit in high range.  Clean , air condition environment , nice setting and proper pinging system might help in justify for the higher price range.

Bottom line is , the food is taste good and with acceptable price after discount . This is a good place to go for Xuan Xin member.


Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇香港小厨
2F-02, Queensbay Mall,
100, Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04 – 643 1779 (Reservation Hotline)
Business Hours: 10:30am – 10:00pm (Daily)
Web site: www.xuanxinrestaurant.com

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