Apom Balik|慢煎糕|Ban Chang Kuih | Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, Penang

Ban Chang Kuih at Gat Lebuh Cecil 1

What is Apom Balik | 慢煎糕 | Ban Chang Kuih ?

In my previous post , we talk about the Sandwich guide selection. Today, let me introduce you to this new dishes 慢煎糕.  Apom Balik is the tradition pancake of Malay. It normally cook with some topping of sugar, sweet corn and most important is the peanut flake. The peanut flake is the main ingredient of the topping, the more flake the better it is.  There are several kind of Apom available in the market. i.e. big size vs small size and thick vs thin.  In above picture , this is categorized to small thin version.

Does the Apom balik only produced by Malay? No, since is it so famous in Malaysia, you can get these from Indian store or Chinese’s store.  Off course , the taste of the final product will be slightly different.

Where can i get the Apom Balik that taste good in penang?

There are a lot of apom balik store here in Penang. Not all of them is selling good taste food. This principal apply to everywhere in the world. Including here in Penang. Well, you do not need to find further. go straight to Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 , in Penang and look for Wilson Teoh for his famous Ban Chang Kuih. He is the expert in making apom balik , and his store was there for 20+ years. I will always drop by Sin Hong Leong coffee shop and get a nice breakfast there along with some apom balik.

Wilson Teoh's Ban Chang Kuih Store

How is the Apom Balik being made?

Apom flour recipe Main ingredient

First , prepare the Apom flour recipe that make the skin base crispy and crunchy

Initial cooking , and ensure the base skin is thin

The paste is apply to the small wok to cook

Applying sugar and peanut flake topping

Applying the sugar and peanut flake as topping .. the base skin has started to change to light yellow color

Final touch is applying the sweet corn

Final step is to put the sweet corn as topping. … wa la , it is done.

How does it taste?

Time to eat...

Time to taste it !!  you can see that the base skin is think and it has been coated with peanut flake in the entire surface. When you bite it , it is so crunchy and like the entire piece of the Ban Chang Kuih will break into multiple pieces. it come with minor margarine taste and some sweet corn sweetness. It is really enjoy eating this …

One is just not enough, two is just nice ,  3 will be the best.

Best Penang Food Editor Comment:

  • This is the small thin version of Ban Chang Kuih , it is crispy and crunchy due to it unique base skin with secret Apom recipe  flour.
  • Best recommended to consume it 3 mins after it completed cook. Not advise to consume it after half an hour as the base skin will start to get soft.
  • Sufficient parking around Kedai Kopi Sin Hong Leong.
  • Please do not come if you are not a street hawker fan as the hygiene level is not as good as the restaurant.
  • The store does not open everydays , it is depend on the mood of the boss. Just try your luck if you want to get good food.
  • Friendly boss, Mr Wilson Teoh.

Contact :

Mr Wilson Teoh, the master chef

 Mr Wilson Teoh, 0164962677

Stall opening hour : 7 to 1030am, may not open everyday, try your luck.


Choice of Ban Chang Kuih availbale:

  • Normal (the 1 that shown above)  : RM 0.70
  • Normal + egg : RM1.30
  • Normal + additional sweet corn : RM1.00
  • Normal + additional peanut flake : RM 1.00
  • Normal + egg + additional sweet corn : RM 1.50.


 How to go :

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