Chocolate Passion Cafe Straight Quay << Handmade chocolate

Chocolate passion café Straight Quay is owned by CHOC Artisan founded by Callin Tan, the chocoholic who is an vivid chocolate lover. This cafe is famous for their handmade chocolate which made from premium grade ingredient, i.e. coco.

Chocolate Passion at Straight Quay Header

How I found out Chocolate Passion ?

One day, my wife and my children come back from Straight Quay with 2 beg of chocolate (RM12 each beg,). One beg consist of small chocolate droplet and the second beg is bigger chocolate droplet.  I have trie and it is fine ,not too sweet. so I ask , where does these come from? –> Chocolate Passion Café in Straight Quay. Well, in my mind, let go to try out some day !!

Finally, I have pay a visit to 12 Aug. It was not an official visit. I was just drop by to have a look on the shop and what they sell in the shop.

When I walk into the shop, I saw chocolate .. off course!!

So I decide to took some picture !! Well, I am a pro food review , so I ask the store owner for permission to take picture ( I do not disclose that I am blogger). The owner reply, no problem but only in wide angle, no close up !!

oh ok, here is how it look like when you walk into the Chocolate Passion café.

Chocolate Passion at Straight Quay 2

Chocolate Passion at Straight Quay

Based on the picture , you can found 20 type of handmade chocolates and some pastries selection (lower left corner)

When I saw it design and it setting , it really attract me to get hold of several of them to taste it. I can’t do it as my hand is block by the glass.. haha..

So I get the menu and check out the price..mmm.. it cost from RM39 to RM 59 for 9 pc/boxes. i.e. RM 4.30  – RM6.50 per pc. This come with cool packaging and this is really suitable as a gift !!  But to be friendly, I can’t afford it. May be I am not as chocoholic as Callin 😛

Screen shot capture from chocartisan website

Screen shot from product page

What else does Chocolate Passion Café sell?

Beside the premium grade chocolate, you can enjoy the chocolate drink, dessert as well which made from the premium grade chocolate. I think I will give it a try for the chocolate drink instead of the chocolate.  The environment inside the café is really good for reading.

What attract me in Chocolates Passion Café?

    • Handmade chocolate !!  all of them !!
    • Use quality material, even with the droplet beg.
    • Premium grade products with premium price as well
    • Premium packaging which suitable as a gift in any event/party

This is not an review, this is just what I see and what I saw. I would like to share out to my reader.

Store location and contact details

Chocolate Passion Café [website]
3A-G-36, Straight Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang Malaysia
Handphone : 016-4445953(Callin Tan)
e-mail :

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  1. Seems like a good option for handmade chocolate lovers!

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