Fresh Desire Straits Quay Penang

Food exploration in Straits Quay Penang some time does come across some interesting shop. Let talk about Fresh Desire Straits Quay Penang which is kind of interesting. This shop is located in the ground floor directly opposite to the Blue Reef Fish and Chip Restaurant. You will not missed the shop as it occupy the entire shop lot !!

Fresh Desire cake header

When you walk by the blue reef from the center court, you will see the Fresh Desire on your right which as shown below.

Fresh Desire Main Entrance

Upon you enter the shop, you will be attracted by these cakes located on the right hand side of the counter, which is colorful and look delicious. It come with 8 design !!

Fresh Desire Cakes

Continue to walk around this shop, you will found that they sell muffin , macaroons, donut, Swiss roll, cookies and etc

Fresh Desire muffin


Fresh Desire donut and swiss roll

Macaroons, donuts

Fresh Desire cookies

Cookies in cookies jar (RM20 per pc)

Wow, cookies per pc sell RM 20, that is pretty expensive !! 3x more expensive than Coffeebean’s cookies and 2x smaller !! Kind of curious why it is so expensive right?

Do you observe that I used the word “SHOP” for Fresh Desire instead of Restaurant?

Probably not, right.  Well, this is not an restaurant or any café !! Got it?

This is a retails shop which sell soap !!

Yes, read carefully !! This is a shop which sell soap which used for foam bath and shower!! These soup come in variety of food’s alike shape and smell!! Due to it specialty in niche market, these items come with a special price tag as well. A full cake cost ~ RM240 , cost per small pc ~ RM40-50.

Best Penang Food Editor Review :

    • This is not a restaurant or café which sell cake and pastries. This is a retails shop which sell food alike shape SOAP
    • Do NOT eat the cake, It is a SOAP !!
    • Niche product with attractive display which targeted for luxury lifestyle
    • Attractive outlook and give almost food alike soup product.

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