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Want to get some special breakfast ? Let go get some Mr Loh’s pan grilled bean curd @ Cecil Market !! This is a rare dishes !! I have been looking for Mr Loh’s stll  for 2 years since he have moved from Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 beside the Ban Chang Kuih to Cecil Market.

Mr Loh Grilled Bean curd stall

Mr Loh only sell pan grill bean curd and some side dishes like Lor Bak ( Deep Fried chicken meat roll braised with 5 different Chinese spices). His store is located in the center of the Cecil Market food court.

Mr Loh Grilling the Bean curd

Mr. Loh has been selling pan fried bean curd for 30+ years. All the bean curd is being made fresh when order by Mr. Loh. You may need to take 5-10 minutes before the actual order will be served.

Mr Loh Grilled Bean curd

Bean curd is being pan fried

Mr Loh Grilled Bean curd 3

This is the final product, it will be served with a special source with made with mixture of sweet source, chili source and some peanut flake.  Cost per pc is RM 0.90 Above dishes cost RM2.70 which consist of 3 pc of bean curd.

Mr Loh Grilled Bean curd sauce

Left : sweet source    Center : Chili source    right : peanut flake  ,, top right is the utensil that used for serving

How does it taste?

It taste great ! This only valid when Mr Loh serve it fresh from it pan grilled. When you received the pan grilled bean curd, the outer layer is crispy after cooling down but the inner layer is still hot. You can feel the hot when you start to bite on the bean curd. The steam is still flush out when you bite on it. So bite carefully !! Apply some Mr. Loh hoime made bean source , it really make a good breakfast !!  Btw, this store is unique !!

I only seen one store that sell pan friend bean curd in Penang !! i.e. Mr Loh’s stall.

Stall information:

Name: Mr Loh Pan Grilled Bean Curd

Address: Cecil market

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00am till 5:00pm

Cuisine: Local, Chinese

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil


Best Penang Editor Review

    • Rare food stall that sell pan friend bean curd
    • Reasonable price (RM0.90 per pc)
    • Fresh made on the spot after order
    • Rare in Penang,  This is the only store that I know which sell pan friend bean curd.
    • Special made source by Mr. Loh.
    • A snack that you should not missed when you visit Penang.

    Store details and How to go
    Mr.Loh open daily from 8 am till 6 pm in Cecil market.

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