Lighthouse Coffee Bar Review at Logan Heritage Building Penang

Lighthouse Coffee Bar Review at Logan Heritage Building Penang, 4.1 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Bored of having coffee in places like CoffeeBean or Starbuck? Here is another option that you can go to try it out. It is called Lighthouse Coffee Bar which located in Logan Heritage Building in Penang downtown. This Coffee bar is located in the junction of Jalan Bishop  and Lebuh Pantai. It is just walking distance from the Penang financial road (Lebuh Pantai).

The Lighthouse Coffee Bar Environment

Front view of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building 2

The Lighthouse is located inside Logan Heritage Building. The decoration is nicely match with the heritage building it self where it reflect the taste of English style coffee bar.

Front view of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

I would recommend that you pay a visit to The lighthouse on Sunday morning where the entire heritage is closed for cycling and walking activity around the heritage area. This is kind of good activity from new state government where you have a car FREE environment where you can only reach the lighthouse by cycling or by walking. It is kind of back to future feel where you only see people walking and cycling.

At the main entrance of the Coffee Bar, you can choose to sit out side  to enjoy the natural environment. Inside the coffee bar, it is pretty limited space where they can only serve a maximum of 30-40 customer at one time. The table setting is less than 10.

Interior of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building 2

You can choose to sit on the long table on the right and post some sticky note on the wall.  This is kind of suitable for a small group of 4 to chit chat or as a pit stop for a great coffee.

Guest board of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

The second floor is closed , you can only assess to the ground floor.That why they can only serve 30-40 customer at one time as the seat is limited.

This coffee bar practice self service where you will need to order the dishes at the counter and wait for the waitress to serve you the dishes and coffee.

How does the food taste?

Me and family has pay a visit to the Lighthouse in early Aug. Prior to visit , we know that the Lighthouse Coffee Bar is famous of “Tiramisu” and it coffee off course. In this trip , I have ordered 2 main course, 2 coffee and 2 hot chocolate for my kid.

Menu of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

The menu

Baby asparagus Aglio Olio Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Baby Asparagus Aglio Olio – RM 15.90

Focaccia Bread special by Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Focaccia Bread Special – RM 12.90

Mochaccina side view byLighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Mochaccino – RM 8.90

Aussie Strong Latte by Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Aussie Strong Latte – RM 8.90

Tiramisu by Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Lighthouse’s Tiramisu – RM 11.90

Tiramisu side view by Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Tiramisu close up view
You can see the bread finger is properly arrange at the bottom and topping with cheese and coco powder.

Hot chocolate 2 by Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

Hot Chocolate – RM 8.90
Thumb up show by my elder son !!

The taste of Aglio olio is not spicy which is suitable for children even thought you see that it has lot of chili strip and pepper.  The Focaccia bread come with chicken ham as filler and  served along some fresh salad. There are not much special about food , but instead of their coffee and dessert.

The tiramisu do taste good which come with creamy cheese and filed with bread finger which soaked with some liquid ( may be not). The topping is cover with a thick layer of coco powder which is kind of sweet. I do prefer that they change the coco powder to bitter sweet type which will bring up the tiramisu taste dramatically.  This small desert do deserve a second round tasting and attract a lot of customer to return to taste it again. But I come with a price tag of RM 11.90 as well.

The coffee is brewed to perfection and it come with strong taste off course. In other word, the cup is small which is classified under cappuccino category.   Both the coffee was served with a heart shape bubble drawing as one of the attraction too.  The Lighthouse Coffee Bar is a real alternate coffee selection to CoffeeBean and Starbuck.

Receipt of Lighthouse Coffee Bar at Logan Heritage Building

The entire breakfast cost me ~ RM 80 ringgit as I have ordered a second cup of hot chocolate for my younger kid. The price is quiet comparable to Coffeebean breakfast and dinner set. I personally feel that it is kind of expensive for a breakfast as it does not come with any discount to any credit card. Unlike Coffeebean, they do give Citibank clear card member a great discount of 20%  on all the purchase items and buy 1 free 1 coffee per card per day. This significantly cut down my cost and as a result, I always goes to Coffeebean for dining. For Coffee, I believe I will goes to light house as the coffee do taste good.

Shop details :

Name: Lighthouse Coffee Bar

Address: Logan heritage No.4 Bishop Street, Georgetown , Penang

Telephone: 04-2633628

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 8:30am till 8:30pm

Cuisine: Western Food, Coffee

Homepage: Lighthouse Coffee Bar



Best Penang Food Editor Review

  • Great selection of coffee which brew to perfection. Price is cheaper than Coffeebean
  • Famous for Tiramisu dessert but come with a high price tag too
  • Great place for a small gathering or re-union with friend with a group of less than 5
  • Strong heritage feel and well decorated Coffee bar
  • No service charges and government tax which is good for customer.
  • Limited car park

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