Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan Review

Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan Review, 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Restaurant Banana Leaf (Daun Pisang) Sri Ananda Bahwan is a well established business model with 21 years of history. As of cot 2012, there are 9 different outlets in Malaysia. They have set a great vision to achieve the best banana leaf restaurant and catering organization in Malaysia. To meet this mission, they strongly believe in providing healthy and nutritious quality products at exceptional value with an unrelenting commitment to provide superior customer services. Does Sri Ananda Bahwan @ Tanjung Bungah, Penang meet the mission and vision? Let check out and see.

The Environment

Restaurant Sir Ananda Bahwan at Tanjung Bungah was located along the main road, Jalan Tanjung Bungah and which is directly opposite to Paradise Sandy Beach Resort Penang. The restaurant utilized a double storey semi D and convert to become the restaurant. The restaurant is well decorated with a special theme call “Multi Cuisine Garden Restaurant” as shown below

Dining environment - great natural garden feel!Dining environment – great natural garden feel!

They are more than 50 tables surrounding the semi-D and most of the section is under the roof with proper dinning set. There is one special corner where it is under the natural tree without roof. It utilized the decoration of tree and wooden chair to give a great garden environment for dining. This is where I used to sit and enjoy the food.

Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan provide a great place for a gathering with friend. This is the best alternative to mamak stall which give a clean environment and dining setting. The price of the food is quiet comparative to mamak stall too!! [ Tweet This ]

How does the food taste?

This is a well established restaurant with lot of selection in their menu. Here is some screen shot that I have taken. Check out the complete list here.


Their menu is colorful and do stress on some of the good dishes with picture. This is good for the customer to do the food selection. For me, when I go there, I always ordered below items.

Roti Canai and curry dhal for dipping

If you go to Indian restaurant, you must order Roti Canai. It comes with only one type of sauce. Off course, if you go to the front counter, you can get ~ 5-6 variety of sauce for dipping. The variety that I know of was… sambal, dhal, fish curry, lamb curry, beef curry. If you think that only dipping with sauce is kind of boring, you can order the fish, lamb or beef along with it as one of the dishes.

Roti Kertas (Roti Canai in Thin Paper style), I wonder my son can finish it or not. You can order Tosei Kertas (Tosei in Thin paper style) too, but it is not as grand as Roti Kertas.

Roti Kertas (Roti canai in paper style) where there are fully grilled the roti canai and applied some syrup to it. Above picture is the size comparison between the roti Kertas and my elder son which is 6 years old. This dish is kind of special and not all Indian stores made it, every part of the roti canai is being grilled and this makes it crispy. You can enjoy this without dipping to any source.
Tosei and Vada, both come with 3 different of sauce.

We have also order some tosei and vada for our breakfast. The tosei taste is ok but still need some catch up when compare to Raju’s Tosei.

Teh Tarik, best selection to tag along with Roti Canai

Last but not least, we also ordered the Teh Tarik as drink for our breakfast. You can either order the Teh Tarik or The Halia (Ginger tea) which is must for Indian breakfast. These is the famous drink that you should not miss if you are in Malaysia that look for authentic Malay or Indian drink that we drink nearly every morning.

Overall food is above average. It is not the best but Sri Ananda Bahwan do provide one stop restaurant that let you taste nearly all the Indian food that available for selection in Malaysia. Check out the complete list here.

Restaurant information:

Name: Restaurant Daun Pisang Sri Ananda Bahwan

Address: No. 14 , Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Pulau Pinang

Telephone: 04-8909771 ,  012-4735981

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00am till 00:00am

Cuisine: Indian

Homepage:  Link

E-mail: Nil

Provide catering service, Banquet hall event at main Branch and daily restaurant serving.

Best Penang Food Editor Review

  • Overall food taste is above normal when compare to competition
  • One stop restaurant which provide variety of Indian’s food.
  • Great Garden feel of dining place which matched the restaurant’s theme
  • Great alternate place for small gathering with friend to mamak stall (road side hawker stall) but with better environment
  • Clean environment
  • Sufficient parking space at the back of the shop but only local know about it
  • No parking at the front entrance, no sign board that talk about the parking behind the restaurant
  • Comparable price to mamak stall and much cheaper than hotel food.
  • Restaurant is located beside the main road, you will not miss this restaurant if you on the way to Batu Ferringhi
  • Well trained waitress and provide good service to customer

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  1. I’m amazed with the height of the roti kertas ! I bet the chef has an amazing skill too.

    • Hi Jen ,
      Yes, this is every Roti Canai maker expert skill where there will need to demonstrated. The difficulty is to make the thin film of roti canai for grill on the pan. If you are in malaysia, you should pay a visit to Sri ananda Bahari restaurant or any Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang. You should able to feel how great is their skill in making the Roti Kertas.


  2. Sri ananda bahwan is the best restaurant for me. I love the food very much. The food were delicious and tasty.I hope they open a shop inRussia.

    • Hi, Sam,

      You should come back to Malaysia more frequently to enjoy Penang FOOD. This is what Penang is famous for. I don’t think SAB will open a branch in Russia in near short term.


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