Ah Hong Curry Mee Review

Ah Hong Curry Mee Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Ah Hong Curry Mee (咖哩面) was located in Li Yuen(丽圆茶室) Coffee shop at Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, Penang. This is my third review in this surrounding area !!  Does this area has a lot of GOOD FOOD ?

Yes, it is. Along the Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, there is a row of commercial lot which used for Kedai Kopi, i.e Hone Leong(丰隆茶室) coffee shop , new Hong Leong (新丰隆茶室) and Li Yuen(丽圆茶室) Coffee shop.. Inside the coffee shop, there are more than 20 stall that sell variety of food , like Wilson Teoh’s Apom Balik, Asam Laksa, Chicken rice , Roti Canai, Wan Tan Mee, Vegetarian Bee Hoon and the famous Ah Hong Curry Mee. Here is how the stall look likes !!

Ah Hong Curry Mee at Li Yuan Coffee ShopAh Hong’s Stall

Ah Hong’s Curry Mee stall only sell one item, that is Curry Mee off course. Price is ranging form RM2.70 for small bowl till RM3.50 for big size version.  Let see how is the actual product look like !!

Closed up shot of Big Sized Ah Hong Curry Mee at Li Yuan Coffee ShopClosed up  ViewBig Sized Ah Hong Curry Mee at Li Yuan Coffee Shop Normal view

Picture above showing a big size version of the curry mee. It come with standard ingredient of curry paste, cutter fish, bean sprout, tau fu, cockles (locally called it si ham), pig’s blood jelly and prawn (add on) .

How does it taste?

Most of the time, when you ordered curry mee from northern region of Malaysia, you will found that the soup is white in color and it come with a spoon of curry paste. You will need to stir up the  paste and the soup so that it create the curry soup. Well, same recipe goes for Ah Hong’s Curry Mee too.  You will need to stir up with the soup and noodle before you start to enjoy it. here is how the curry paste look like.

Ingredient for Ah Hong Curry Mee at Li Yuan Coffee ShopMain ingredient, from left, curry paste, cockles and cuttlefish

Ah Hong curry mee is taste hot and spicy initially then continue with some sweetness. This is how unique is it. [ Tweet this ]

Am I crazy? Do you certainly sure that this is a fusion of spicy and sweet?  Well, It is. You can further enjoy it when the noodle and tau fu has absorbed the taste of the curry taste from the soup. This is something that you should try when you drop by Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 for breakfast.

Ah Hong's Plain Curry Mee at Li Yuan Coffee ShopPlain version with some bean sprout and lot of tau fu

For me , I does not like the cutter fish, cockles (locally called it si ham), pig’s blood jelly and prawn. I prefer the simple version with some bean sprout and lot of tau fu. You know, when the tau fu absorbed the curry soup, it is really taste great.

Stall Information

Ah Hong the owner of Curry Mee stall at Li Yuan Coffee Shop

Name: Ah Hong Curry Mee

Address: Li Yuen(丽圆茶室) Coffee shop at Gat Lebuh Cecil 1

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00am till 1:00pm

Cuisine: Chinese, Curry Noodle

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil


Best Penang Food Editor Review

  • One of the best choice in town
  • Not too spicy
  • Reasonable price
  • Not halal
  • Lot of parking

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