Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant Review

Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant Review, 3.9 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Sakurajima (桜島) Japanese Restaurant was located inside Penang Golf Club (previously known as Bukit Jambul Golf Club).  Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant was being official lunched by YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng on 27th Oct 2012. It is new kid in the town and strategically located in Bukit Jambul area to attract customer from Sungai Ara and Free Trade Zone.

Main Entrance of Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC 2 Main Entrance of Sakurajima

The Environment

Sakurajima is new in the town and finding this restaurant might be a big problem as there are no clear signboard to guide the customer upon you reach the Penang Golf Club (PGC). Beside this, there are limited on-line resources on this restaurant as it is still new!!. I get to know this Japanese restaurant when our team which is around 15 pax , looking for a place for group lunch. One of our colleague suggested Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant in PGC. After some investigation and looking around the net, we found the phone number and make the reservation in Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant.

Dining Setting at Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Dinning Setting inside Sakurajima

Upon entering the Sakurajima Japanese restaurant, you will observed that are around 10 small table on the center court that used to serve small grouping of 4 customer. On the right hand side, you will found some big private room that can accommodate a group lunch. There are 4 private room on the right which can be combine together to form a big private room which can accommodate > 30 pax. This is really a good news for customer as it is kind of difficult to get a great place for group lunch in Bayan Lepas where the team member can enjoy the food and it environment.

Setting of Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Dining setting , green tea and chopstick

Well, with out hesitation, we have been guided to the private room on the right for our lunch. The dinning environment is quiet and clean. The air condition is strong and cold. The dining set is properly arranged and it is kind of similar to the hotel style.  We have pre-order the meal during the phone conversation, so that we can get the dishes faster.  With in 10mins , the bento set and lunch set is ready.

How does the food taste?

As of Nov’12 , there are 3 bento sets and >10 selection of lunch sets in Sakurajima’s menu. They have plan to expand the bento set selection to 6 in Dec.  I have ordered the Sakura Bento which cost RM 40, the actual set is  as shown below.

Sakura set at Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGCSakurajima Sakura Bento Set – RM 40

The Sakura bento set , as shown in above picture. The food is being arranged in the bento set with 4 different compartment. Top left consist of 5 different of sashimi with 2 individual slice of sashimi each.

Sakura set Shashimi close up Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Sakura set Sashimi – 5 type with 2 pc each. It consist of red tuna, white tuna, salmon and 2 other selection

Top right consist of variety of sushi. These sushi is kind of unique when compare with competition and I really enjoy the taste of each of it. It consist of some black sea weed ,  2 big sweet pea,  sushi with cheese and etc. You should try it .

Sakura set close up 2 Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Sakura set – assorted sushi

Lower left compartment consist of some tempura and this is the first time that I have seen a rainbow prawn tempura . The out look is unique and the taste is normal. I still prefer the original prawn tempura. Anyway, you should try it since It is new !!

Sakura set close up Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Sakura set – rainbow tempura

My colleague has ordered the Sakurajima’s Grilled salmon lunch set, it come with a big slide of Salmon, some sashimi, a Chawan Mushi, a soup, rice  and an appetizer as shown below. The lunch set amount is consider small size for Male when compare to Sakura Bento.

Salmon Teriyaki set at Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC lunch set, Salmon Teriyaki set – RM 38

Sakurajima’s Udon lunch set which consist of cold Udon noodle, Chawan Mushi  and some tempura. The cold udon will need to dip into the sauce before eating it.

Udon set at Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGCLunch set – Udon set – RM 35

After you have completed the main course, you will be served with an appetizer. The appetizer that we have today is almond coconut jelly topped with dried cranberry.

Dessert of Sakurajiwa Japanese Restaurant BJGC Dessert, coconut jelly with almond taste

Restaurant details

Name: Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant

Bukit Jambul Golf Club
No.2 Jalan Bukit Jambul, Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang, Malaysia

Telephone: 604-6442255  ext. 110

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 12:00 noon till 10:00pm

Cuisine: Japanese

Homepage: Sakurajima Japanese Restaurant

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor Review

  • Sakurajima is strategically located in Bukit Jambul area to attract customer from the FTZ, Sungai Ara and Bukit Jambul
  • Well decorated Japanese style restaurant
  • Large private room that can accommodate >30 customer
  • Large hall that can handle grouping with > 100 customer.  Rare in Bayan Lepas area.
  • Cool ambient temperature even within the hall with high ceiling
  • Great bento set with fresh sashimi, tempura ,assorted sushi that meet and exceed the rated price. Great value set !
  • Unique sushi that can only find in Sakurajima, like the rainbow tempura and assorted sushi in Sakura Bento Set.
  • Lunch set is not that attractive vs. bento set. May not sufficient to fully fill an adult male.
  • Each set come with an appetizer, dessert and green tea.
  • The rice used in the bento/lunch set is not Japanese rice which is short and fat.
  • No proper sign board to guide the new visitor to the restaurant
  • Can only get the menu thru fax for pre-order, which is only black and white. Hope to get the menu in email and colorful document for easy ordering.
  • Pork Free only as they sell liquid. Malay customer is welcome
  • No corporate discount rate.
  • With 10% service tax and 6% of government tax.

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