Amy Nasi Lemak Review

Amy Nasi Lemak Review , 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Amy Nasi Lemak is located in the intersection of Jalan Jones and Jalan Kelawei. There is a row of stall that can be found beside UDA Flat and Amy stall  is one of it.  They has been selling there for more than 30 years and now is taken care by second generation owner, Mr Aimi.

What is Nasi Lemak?

Nasi Lemak is a Malay term where “nasi” is rice and “lemak” is fatty. If you combine both the English together , it become fatty rice which does not make any sense is it. How come a rice can be fatty? In normal English, this should be decode as the rice which cook with coconut cream. This is the main ingredient in the Malay cuisine. Beside the rice, there are 3 other main ingredients, that is ikan bilis (small fried anchovies), quarter slice of egg and sambal (spicy curry sauces). These 3 is the basis and it sell in small packet wrapped by banana leaf. Here is how it look like.

Amy Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik at Jalan Kelawei

The Environment

Amy nasi lemak is strategically located in the intersection of Jalan Jones and Jalan Kelawei. There is a row of hawker stall tha station along Jalan Jones and Amy ‘s stall is one of it.  All these stall is also sit beside the UDA flat , Jalan Kelawei. Picture below show where is Amy’s stall is. This place is perfectly shaded by the surrounding tree and this make the dining environment cool.

Amy Nasi Lemak stall at Jalan Kelawei

Does it taste good ?

Definitely it taste good !! In order to find a good nasi lemak in Penang, it is not that easy. Why do i say so?

Well , this is a very common food in entire Malaysia , you can get it nearly in every restaurant, hawker center or the mamak stall. Price can be varies from RM1(USD0.30) at roadside stall to RM 40 (USD13) in hotel. Of course, what you pay for is what you get. If you pay RM40 for it, you will get better setting and decoration, but it does not guarantee in quality.

The stall that i going to recommend to you today , it definitely won’t cost you a fortune for a breakfast. It only cost RM1. This does not include the drink. The teh tarik will cost you another RM1. In total, it only cost you RM2 for a breakfast.

Amy Nasi Lemak stall sell 2 kind of selection, i.e. fish or small fried anchovies selection. Here is how the actual dishes look like.

2 type of Amy Nasi Lemak Jalan Kelawei

For the price of RM1/pc, you can get a set of nasi lemak that come with a fish or some small fried anchovies. I would say that this is really worth the value for it. The sambal seem to have a lot of chilli but it is not spicy. It does come with a mixture of spicy and sweetness. interesting is it!!

Fish Version


The ikan bilis has higher quality which taste better but cost higher (RM24/kg)


Mr Aimi’s father who take care the stall

Mr. Aimi’s father only sell nasi lemak, he is the tauke (boss) that take care his stall. The main chief is his wife and his son (Mr Aimi) which cook and prepare them at the kitchen opposite the road. There are 2 different recipe that they sell i. e. ikan bilis or  fish. As you can see, there are 2 tray on top of the table. Tray on the left sell the fish selection where as the tray on the right normally sells  ikan bilis selection. Both of them sell at the same price, which is RM1.

Wah Lau eh… RM1, you can have a dishes that come with FISH !!! Is this true? Am i dreaming?

Yes, this is true. It is cheap , when consider in this location. Why i say so… Remember H Residence (previously know as One Ritz Condo) , This is a luxury condominium where the starting price is RM1.6 Million till RM3.6 Million during launching. The condominium is sit beside the famous shopping place called “Gurney Drive”. Walking distance to beach. Imagine, near to such luxury places, you can get a breakfast for RM1. This sound pretty cold right?

Mr Aimi, the boss and the chef

Stall information :

Name: Amy’s Nasi Lemak

Address: Intersection of Jalan Jones and Jalan Kelawei , Beside UDA Flat.

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6:00am till 12:00 Noon

Cuisine: Malay, Nasi Lemak

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • Great selection and taste for both ikan bilis and fish nasi lemak
  • Value for money , only cost RM1 each
  • Great environment as the location is shaded in morning
  • sufficient car park
  • Lot of other selection that sell in the stall beside to Amy.

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