Hock Chuan Heong Hokkien Restaurant Review

Hock Chuan Heong Hokkien Restaurant Review, 3.6 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

If you are not coming from Penang, you will not able to found Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) Hokkien Restaurant which is not located beside the main road. It was located at the ground floor of a flat opposite to Kedai Kopi Xin Hong Leong (新丰隆) at Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, where you can found the famous Ah Hong curry Mee and Wilson Teoh’s Apom Balik.  The restaurant is behind the post office, Gat lebuh Cecil 1.

Main entrance of Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld Hock Chuan Heong Main entrance

The Environment

Hock Chuan Heong Hokkien Restaurant consists of 2 shop lots that are side by side to each other. The restaurant does not have any high tech decoration but instead that they kept it simple and nice.  You won’t found luxury dining table but instead of just some simple dining table and some plastic chair. Since these 2 shop lots is an commercial lot, you will found that they ceiling is kind of high and this make the overall air circulation perfect. There are not air conditional unit inside to cool down the interior. You can only found some fan but you will not feel hot as all even inside the restaurant.

The setting of Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld The pre-arranged dining setting on top of the table

When you have arrived at the restaurant, you will first found that the waitress has pre-arranged the dinning setting on top of each table. This does help to speed up the initial preparation when customer arrived to the restaurant.

How does the food taste?

I have ordered 4 of our favorites dishes for our lunch. i.e. Oyster Noodle, Fried Oyster Omelets, Deep fried prawn Fritters and Stir Fried Bean Curd with Leek and Prawn. These are the normal dishes that I will order when I was there.

Oyster noodle at Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld Oyster noodle (蚝面, in hokkien is called Oh Mee)

The Oyster noodle is the dishes that will be ordered by nearly each customer. There are 2 variety of Oyster noodle, i.e. Pure Oyster Noodle or mix variety Oyster noodle. Picture above show the pure oyster noodle. There are only found the oyster and noodle as main ingredient. The second selection is Oyster noodle with different variety of add on like fish slices, pork and etc.

Fried Oyster Omelet at Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld
Fried Oyster Omelet (蚝煎, in hokkien is called Oh Jian)

The Fried Oyster omelet is one of the all time favorite as well! The oyster is being mixed with tapioca flour, some chives  and some egg for deep fried in the pan. Due to the tapioca flour, the outer skin layer is kind of crispy but the inner layer is soft and tender. This dish is well balances when mixed with chives leaf (韭菜).

Deep Fried prawn  Fritters at Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld Deep Fried Prawn Fritters

Deep Fried prawn close up at Hock Chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld Deep Fried Prawn Fritters close up

With the special recipe in Hock Chuan Heong, the Deep fried prawn fritters is fried to perfection with outer golden crust but the interior prawn soft. You should try this but it is a bit pricy.

Stir Fry Bean Curd with Leek and Prawn at Hock chuan Heong Pengkalan Weld Stir Fried Bean Curd with Leek and Prawn

Stir Fried Bean Curd with leek and prawn is kind of simple dishes. It looks simple but it really taste good. The Bean curd is being fried before stir fried with leek and prawn.

It seems like all the dishes that I have ordered above is excellent in taste and you will need to finish it fast. It is kind of over promoted but I would tell you the truth, it really tastes good. If you come slightly late in the lunch time, you may need to wait for a while before you get your seat.

Beside above 4 selection, Hock Chuan Heong are famous is other dishes like Ba Ki and Oyster noodle but cook with Tang Hoon (冬粉) .

Restaurant Information

Name: Hock Chuan Heong Hokkien Restaurant (福泉香)

344-G-5, Pengkalan Weld,
10300 Penang,

Telephone: 04- 2611004

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 Noon till 7:00pm

Cuisine: Chinese

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

, Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • Simple Hokkien restaurant but with come with great food
  • Price is getting higher as the main ingredient is seafood (蚝)
  • Great cleanness
  • Minimum waiting time.
  • Insufficient parking, advise to come earlier.
  • advise to come earlier as the restaurant is always pack with customer
  • No Tax, no receipt.

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  1. I had lunch at the Hock Chun Heong Hokkien restaurant on Saturday 14 September, 2013, with my wife and a neighbour. We ordered the oh mee, oh jian, prawn fritters, stir-fried bean curd with leeks, and fried oyster tanghoon (glass noodle). I also had two cups of kopi ‘o’, to wash it all down, whereas my wife and neighbour had Chinese tea. The service was friendly, quick and efficient, and the premises were plain and simple but, most importantly, clean. As for the food itself, all the dishes were excellent – really tasty. I very much enjoyed my coffee too. We all had a very enjoyable experience, and agreed that the overall standard of the restaurant was very good: certainly well worth another visit. The total bill was quite reasonable, for the quantity and quality of food. Its a bit of a hidden gem, however, tucked away down an alley behind a post office, off Pengkalan Road, at block 344, G-5. Big thanks go to Mr. Wong Pow Long, who is a very informative Penang food-blogger of our acquaintance.

    • Hi Simon,
      Thanks you for your feedback! I am glad that my blog able to help out and all of you able to enjoy the food !
      Happy food hunting and enjoy !


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