Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Review

Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Update : March 31, 2013

Shiki Yoshi is closed.


Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Restaurant was located along main road Jalan Tanjong Tokong. It is not park under the hypermarket or supermarket retails stall; instead they are stand alone bungalow which is well decorated with Japanese taste. Prior to Shiki Yoshi Japanese cuisine exists, this restaurant was called Ryoma Japanese Restaurant. They took over the restaurant and renamed it as Shiki Yoshi Japanese cuisine.

Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Tanjung Bungah Main entrance Main entrance to the restaurant

The Environment

There is limited car park within the bungalow; max capacity is around 20 cars which is sufficient for the customer. Upon entering from the main door, you will see the sushi bar on the right and the main dining area on the left.  They have 4 private rooms which can accommodate ~ 6-10 customers. They also provide a big private room which can accommodate up will 30 customers.

Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Tanjung Bungah  Menu Menu and service request button

With such a big bungalow which comes with multiple private rooms, customer service is important. If you need the waitress attention, you can just press the button for attention. This is really a plus and something which I like! You know, customer is always lazy to walk!

Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Tanjung Bungah Sushi Roll Menu Shiki Yoshi Sushi Roll menu, come with picture , wording and clear price tag

Their menu is kind of simple and nice, it come with picture, explanation in English and Japanese writing. The price tag is clearly stated and it is user friendly. What you see in the menu is what you will get at the end of the day.

Overall, the environment is great but not excellent as the waitress does not dress up in Kimono when compare to previous owner Ryoma.

How does the food taste?

Here is what I ordered. First is the Salmon combo as shown below. This combo come with 4 big slide of fresh salmon, 4 pc of salmon sushi and 6 pc of salmon maki.  This dish will always be the first dishes that being served to us. It just tastes excellent!

Salmon Combo at Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Tanjung Bungah Salmon Combo – RM55- Must TRY !

The second dish is the Seafood spring roll sushi. This is the fusion of Vietnamese rice sheet with Japanese sushi. There are 3 types of raw fish with in the roll, i.e. salmon, white tuna and red tuna wrapped with some fresh vegetable. If you are sushi lover, these 2 dishes will definitely met and exceed your expectation! At some point of the time, you will start to addict to it.  Like me, he he..

Seafood Spring Roll Sushi at Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine Tanjung Bungah Seafood Srping Roll Sushi – RM 16 .. Must TRY !!

Beside these 2 dishes, we have ordered some other dishes like tempura mix, Shiki Yoshi Gozen, Tobikko, Teppan Ika and etc. There are not much different or special about these dishes.  There are no pictures on those here, this give some space for you to explore.

Overall taste is great. They food quality has improved significantly. I still remember last time I drop by this restaurant after they take over from Ryoma in March 2012, their food qualify is really below expectation. I kind of disappointed to it. That why I have stopped visit to Shiki Yoshi Japanese cuisine for more than half a year.  Well, recently, I decide to pay another visit there as my relative came from KL, luckily, Shiki Yoshi did not disappoint me.

Restaurant Details:

Name: Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cursine

5G, Jalan Tanjong Tokong,
10470  Tanjong Tokong, Penang , Malaysia

Telephone: 04-8918388 , 016-4178298

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00am till 10:30pm

Cuisine: Japanese

Homepage: Shiki Yoshi Japanese Cuisine

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • Quality of food improved since opening in March 2012.
  • Salmon combo and seafood spring roll is always my first 2 ordered dishes
  • Well decorated environment and quiet
  • Provide private room for group customer up till 30pac in a single room
  • Limited parking ~ 15-20 parking space inside the bungalow compound
  • Good menu and service system by pressing a request button
  • Service tax 10 % and Government tax of 6%

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