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Chee Cheong Fun Review | Island Park Kopitiam, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

After blogging for 5 months, and one day, I received a mail from Doreen, Penang that she recommended me to go to Island Park Kopitiam to try out the Chee Cheong Fun.  I don’t know who is Doreen and we start to communicate thru e-mail. After go thru several mail, seem like very attractive and I decided to give it a try.

Island Park Kopitiam at Tingkat Tembaga Green lane Front view of Island Park Kopitiam

Well, Island Park Kopitiam is kind of new to me as this Kopitiam is not located in the main road. I have checked the map and decided to go there to try out the Chee Cheong Fun there. It is located opposite to SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian Greenlane. With such a big landmark, I don’t have any issue finding the Kopitiam/Restaurant.

The Environment

Since Island Park Kopitiam is located inside the residential area and walking distance from the school, their main customer target is come from the school and the surrounding residential. When I reach there during noon time, it is kind of quiet as now is the school holiday.

Interior of Island Park Kopitiam at Tingkat Tembaga Green laneInterior view of the restaurant/food court

The interior is kind of clean and tidy, where the food stall’s is all located on the left column. All the desk is the marble type with wood structure as base. The chair is made of plastic but in dark brown color which matched the table.

Inside the food court, you will now feel hot at all as it has equipped with many ceiling fan. Besides that, the ceiling Is kind of tall, and this improves air circulation. That why you can see that customer is sitting inside drinking and chatting even thought out side is hot.

How does the food taste?

I have ordered Chee Cheong Fun and Ba Chang from the stall; here is how it looks like.

Chee Cheong Fun at Island Park Kopitiam at Tingkat Tembaga Green lane Chee Cheong Fun – RM 2 (small size)

The Chee Cheong Fun ( rice roll) , is supplied with 3 different sauce, i.e. the chili sauce on the middle left, the sweet sauce on the middle right and the shrimp paste (虾膏), If you come to Penang, you will definitely need to try it out as it come with shrimp paste as this is unique in Penang.

The shrimp paste is kind like a sauce with thick paste and the fragrance of shrimp. Not all customer like the shrimp paste due to it taste. It is something like durian; you either like it like hell or hate it like hell. Luckily, I like it, but not until the hell’s level.  I would say shrimp paste is well prepared; the shrimp taste is just nice and not too strong. There is other similar choice in Penang, like stall in Xiao Feng Lai which has stronger shrimp taste. You will need to go and try it out and decided which is better.

To enjo it, you will need to mix it with the sweet sauce and some chili paste. This is really made the dish great.

Ba Chang at Island Park Kopitiam at Tingkat Tembaga Green lane Ba Chang – RM 4/pc

The second items that I ordered are the Ba chang(肉棕). Inside, it has the salted egg’s york and chestnut (栗子) and a slide of pork (五花肉).  There is no bean it in which I liked, too bad.

Stall information :

Chee Cheong Fun stall at Island Park Kopitiam at Tingkat Tembaga Green lane
Actual view of the  stall

Name: Island Park Chee Cheong Fun

Address: Island Park Cafe

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Wed-Mon 7:00am till 2:30pm

Cuisine: Chinese, Rice noodle

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • Great taste with mild shrimp paste taste mixed with sweet sauce and chili paste.
  • Comparable with Xiao Feng Lai’s version but added some sweet sauce to mixed with the shrimp paste. This mixture does create new taste to the dishes.
  • Clean and cool environment
  • not located beside the main road
  • lot of parking
  • Thanks you to Doreen who recommend me to Island Park Kopitiam.

View Chee Cheong Fun at Island Park Kopitiam in a larger map

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  1. The one at Genting cafe is my no. 1 choice when it comes to Chee Cheong Fun, excellent in taste and walking distance from my house LOL

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