Ali Nasi Lemak Review

Ali Nasi Lemak Review, 3.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Walking around Penang Heritage and banking area is kind of fun and exploring. You can find lots of good foods while enjoying the heritage scenery. I was there in lebuh pantai ~ 8am hunting for Nasrul nasi tomato, but the bad news is. It is not ready yet till sometime around 830am. While waiting for the Nasrul nasi tomato, I go for a pit stop in Sri Weld Food Court’s Ali Nasi Lemak for a pack of Nasi Lemak.

Front view of Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court Penang Front View of Sri Weld Food Court

The stall in located in the center of the main entrance. You will not miss this stall if you been to Sri Weld food court. Here is how the actual stall looks like.

Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court Penang Ali Nasi Lemak Stall in Sri Weld Food Court

The handsome guy who wearing red shirt; that is Mr. Ali who the owner of the stall.

5 different kind of nasi Lemak

  • Fried anchovies and egg (Ikan bilis dan telur, normally you see the marking of BT)
  • Prawn (Udang, normally marked as U)
  • Chicken ( Ayam, normally marked as A)
  • Cutter fish ( Sotong, normally marked as S)
  • Plain ( just sambal and half pc of boiled egg)

Main ingredient of Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court Penang Main Ingredient used

When you are there, you will found that Ali is preparing it on the table behind the counter. The coconut flavored rice is place on top of the banana leaf. You  still can see that the steam is coming out from the rice.  This is one of the reasons why their product is so tasty and fresh.

Coconut flavor rice at Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court PenangCoconut flavored rice

Preparing Fish nasi lemak at Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court PenangThe rice is topped with a fish

Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf by Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court PenangFinal product after wrapped in banana leaf

How does the food taste?

For me, I will normally order the traditional version, which is the fried anchovy’s version. Here is how the actual product looks like.

Nasi Lemak bilis and telur at Ali Nasi Lemak at Sri Weld Food Court Penang Fried Anchovy and egg version

Most of the nasi lemak product will have wrapped with banana leaf. Same goes to Ali’s version. When I open up the wrapping, I see a half slide of boiled egg and sambal on top of the rice. The rice is still warm as they have just made it.

The rice is being cook with coconut milk and it is kind of soft. It is being soaked with sambal as Ali pours the sambal on top of the rice. The sambal (chili curry) is not that spicy. Combination of the curry and the coconut rice, this does serve as a good breakfast. It only cost RM 1.50.

Stall information:


Name: Ali Nasi Lemak

Sri Weld Food Courts
Beach street, 10300 Penang

Telephone: Mr. Ali 016-4070717

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00am till 4:00pm

Cuisine: Malay, Nasi Lemak

Homepage:  Nil

E-mail: Nil



Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • 5 different kind of Nasi Lemak that meet the demand for various customer
  • It is being made behind the stall by Ali’s wife.
  • No choice/option to add additional dishes to the nasi lemak.
  • Each pack comes with half pc of boiled egg instead of quarter pc.
  • limited parking, can only park at Sri Weld parking which cost RM 2 for first 2 hours
  • Only cash term, no credit card.
  • No tax.

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