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Ms Ooi Curry Noodle Review | Wa Hong Cafe, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

When I was looking for curry noodle (or Kari Mee)  for breakfast, I always think about Ah Hong Curry Noodle in Li Yuan coffee shop or the Ms Ooi Curry Noodle in Wa Hong Café. Why? Both of the café is located on my journey path to work. A slight De-tour might be needed, but it is ok. In Wa Hong Café in Kampong Jawa, there is a lot of good food there. I have written a review on Hainanese Chicken rice. I have planned to write a review on the char kuey teow stall and the roast duck stall. Today, we are going to discuss more on Ms Ooi’s curry noodle.

Ms Ooi Kampong Jawa Curry noodle Stall Front view of the stall

The Environment

Wa Hong café is located on the corner lot to the left of Public bank. Inside Wa Hong café, there are around 8 hawker stalls that sell food within. For breakfast, only limited stall is open for business.  The dining table and chair is simple. They are no dinning setting like folk and spoon that pre-arranged on top of the table. When you purchase the food from the stall, they will provide the necessary folk and spoon that needed.

How does the food taste?

Ms. Ooi serves Penang white curry where it curries soup is white in color. Normally, it will come with a spoon of curry paste which is going to mix with the soup to complete the curry noodle setting.  Please ensure that you mix the curry paste  on the spoon with the soup, else the overall taste will be very odd. Ms Ooi has created its own Penang white curry recipe and she has been selling curry noodle in Wa Hong Café for more than 10 years time.

Kampong Jawa Curry noodle close up 2Actual Kari Mee with tofu balls only. Rm 3/bowl

For me, I normally ordered the curry noodle which only consists of tofu balls only. In above picture, you can only saw the noodle, curry paste, bean sprouts and the tofu balls.

Kampong Jawa Curry noodle close upClose up view of the noodle

Upon mixing the curry paste with the soup, you have just created the Penang Kari Mee. The overall taste is mild and less spicy when compare to Ah Hong Kari Mee. The dish is less oily too. Topped with some mints leaf, it does create a minty Kari mee which made by Ms. Ooi’s recipe.

Stall Information:

Ms Ooi The owner of Kampong Jawa Curry noodle
The Owner, Ms. Ooi

Name: Ms Ooi Curry Noodle stall

Address: Wa Hong Cafe, Kampong Jawa

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00am till 2:00pm

Cuisine: Chinese, Noodle

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

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Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • Nearest hawker stall near to Penang Free Trade Zone
  • Overall taste is mild and less spicy when compare to Ah Hong’s version
  • Less oily when compare to Ah Hong’s version
  • excellent choice for breakfast.
  • no tax, no credit card. Cash term only.
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  1. Is this place open on Sundays? Would like to try it out tomorrow AM!

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