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Now is 11:54 PM , 1st Jan 2013. I started my first 2013 food review post during midnight. I would like to wish Best Penang Food reader Happy New Year and welcome to the year of snake.

Let start off 2013 year’s review with “The View” Restaurant in Equatorial Hotel in Penang.  The View restaurant served semi buffet type of “fine dinning” where the final price of dining is depending of the main course selection. While waiting for the main course to be serve, you can enjoy the buffet with the salad as a starter and all the cake and pastry as dessert.  The minimum main course selection is tagged at price of RM 75 for a Poulet – half spring chicken. The final price will be RM87 which inclusive of 6% government charges and 6% of government tax. Here is the  partial menu from the Equatorial web site.

The Environment

Main Entrance of The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Main Entrance of The View Restaurant, Equatorial Penang

Before you enter The View restaurant, you can see that the arrangement is kind of simple but luxuries. All the customer who wish to dine in will need to follow their dressing guideline. If you plan to go there by wearing a short pants and a pair of slipper, you will be rejected to be served. Please beware!!

Upon you enter the View restaurant, you will found that this restaurant is being well decorated with old French style decoration and dinning setting. On the right hand side, you will found your self at the wine bar where you can taste all sort of wine (this is not part of the semi-buffet). On the left side is the dinning place and the buffet station. You will be served by the waitress upon entering the restaurant which will guide you to your table.  You can choose any place you liked, but for my personal preference; I will always choose to sit near the window where you can view the entire town of Bayan Lepas and Penang bridge. Because of the great scenery from the restaurant, that how the restaurant’s name is originated.

View from The View Equatorial Hotel  PenangScenery view from the View Restaurant

How does the food taste?

Upon you have ordered the main course, you will be served with some warm and fresh bread which made daily here in the View Restaurant. It also come along with some olive oil and butter for the bread. For me, I will always started off the bread with some filler like smoked salmon, ham and some cheese from the buffet counter.

Bread starter at The View Equatorial Hotel  PenangBread as started

After the bread, you will be serve with some home made soup. This is part of the main course of the View Restaurant.

Soup of The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Tomato soup

There are 3 main counter in the buffet section; First 2 counter will cover most of the fresh vegetables, salad, cheese, ham, fresh oyster and smoke salmon.  The third counter is located on the center and it cover all sort of dessert and fruits. Here is some of the dishes from the dessert counter that I have selected because I like them so much.

Varios salad at The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Various Salad from the salad counter

I always start off with some salad as starter in the view restaurant; Above is some of the salad that I have taken in The View, Equatorial Hotel. There are some salmon jelly cake, wild mushroom slices, and some vegetable. I have topped my salad with some Italian dressing and thousand island source which give some taste to the salad.

Tiramisu of The View Equatorial Hotel  PenangThe famous Tiramisu – MUST Try

The Tiramisu cheese cake, one of the best in Penang!! The base of the Tiramisu is a layer of ladyfingers which soak with Tia Maria (coffee liqueur). Continue with 2 –3 layer of cheese and topped with bittersweet cocoa powder. Wa la, the outcome of cake is really fantastic. The View restaurant is considered as a pork free restaurant as they sell liqueur; but Muslim customer is welcome as well even thought some of the dishes in the buffet has contain liqueur in it. Muslim customer is prohibited to consume liqueur and here is how the View restaurant’s solution.

With Alcohol tag at The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang 2 Alcohol tag for the dishes contain alcohol

The buffet dishes which contains alcohol will be tagged thus avoiding the Muslim customer to consume the dishes. If you are Muslim, please be aware of this tag and not to consume any dishes which contain alcohol.

Fine Chocolate by The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Fine chocolate in the dessert counter

Before the main dishes come, you can start to sweeten yourself with some high quality bitter sweet chocolate. The chocolate does melt in your mouth and feel silky smooth.  It is really nice and I never missed this chocolate for every visit that I been to The View Restaurant.

Various Dessert of The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Various dessert in The view Restaurant

There are other variety cake and pastry for me to choose in the view’s buffet counter. All of them is high in qualify and you really deserve to try all of them, especially the dark chocolate.

Chocolate dessert  at The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang 2 Chocolate dessert

After the salad and dessert, let goes for the main course !! I have ordered the steamed Atlantic cod pave. The steamed cod fish was place on top of the crushed potato and topped with sweet garlic compote.

Steamed atlantic cod pave at The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang 2Steamed Atlantic cod pave – RM 98

My wife has ordered the roasted Atlantic salmon pave. It come with a big thick piece of roasted salmon supported with some grilled vegetable. It also come with some spaghetti called the angel hair and blended with pesto coulis sauce.

Roasted Atlantic Salmon Pave at The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Roasted Atlantic Salmon Pave – RM 98

Both of the fish dishes is well prepare and well decorated. The fish is fresh and roasted/steam to perfection.  You may not able to finish the dishes even thought the portion is not that big. The reason is simple. The dessert is equally important and it have half filled to my stomach before the main course arrived.

To end the day of the semi buffet in the View restaurant, I always ordered the Cubita coffee as ending. The coffee is not part of the buffet but is alar carte. The Cubita coffee is black and come with a strong coffee aroma.

Cubita Coffee of The View Equatorial Hotel  Penang Cubita Coffee – RM 10/cup

Restaurant Information:

Name: The View @ Equatorial Hotel

1 Jalan Bukit Jambul
Bayan Lepas
11900 Penang

Telephone: +60 4 632 7000

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri  Lunch 12.00 noon – 2.30 pm
Mon-Fri Dinner 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm
Sat Dinner 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Cuisine: Fine dining, Semi-Buffet, Western Food

Homepage: The View Equatorial Homepage



Best Penang Food Editor Review:

  • One of the best fine dining places in Penang
  • Semi-buffet style where the final price is dependent on the main course’s price.
  • French style dinning environment
  • high quality dessert and salad, must try the Tiramisu.
  • come with a fresh oyster counter that you should not missed.
  • Provide good bird eye view to Bayan Lepas area and Penang bridge
  • Pork free restaurant as it sell liqueur.
  • Excellent waitress service
  • Coffee is not inclusive in the semi-buffet
  • Service charge of 10% and government tax of 6%
  • Accept Credit Card
GD Star Rating
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  1. My friend just went there yesterday.. he said the food is quite lousy, not fresh and expensive.. only few types of semi-buffet choices…. he said paid for the environment but not good food. RM138 for less tasted beef and RM130 for not fresh cod fish. better go TGIF!

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