Ho Chiak Curry Mee Review

Ho Chiak Curry Mee Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

[23 April 2014]  I have make a visit to this cafe today and found that the Ho Chiak Curry Mee is not there any more. I would assume it had closed.

Ho chiak (好吃) is actually a Hokkien dialogue which means delicious. This stall is located along Jalan Pengkalan Weld. If you know how to go to 65 year’s old Mr. Chong Hokkien Mee stall, then you will found Ho Chiak stall. Both of them are located on the same hawker center.

So, does the Ho Chiak Curry mee really delicious? Let found out more here.

Before you enter the hawker center, you will found a banner hanging outside the hawker cente. The stall has a tag line of  “Feel the authentic taste of Penang CURRY NOODLE (in Malays is called Mee)! Eat once and you will know… “. I have tried it today and I already know how it tastes.

Ho Chiak Curry Mee BannerHo Chiak Stall’s banner

If you walk into the hawker center, here is how the Ho Chiak’s stall looks like. This stall is kind of new and I don’t remember that I  saw this stall when I was there for Mr. Chong Hokkien Mee.

Ho Chiak Curry Mee stall Ho Chiak Curry Mee stall

On the Ho Chiak’s stall counter, you can see that there is a black board that clearly spells out what they have and it’s price. Here are what they written there.

Small size  cost RM 3.00
Big size  cost RM 4.50
Add on:
Additional noodle: RM 0.50
Additional tofu:RM 0.50
Additional pig’s blood jelly: RM 0.50
Additional cockles: RM 1.00
Additional squids: RM 1.00
Additional prawn: RM1.50

How does the food taste?

For me, I always order the curry mee without any add on. It only come with some tofu and some bean sprout and is kind of similar to what I ordered in Ah Hong curry mee stall. Here is how the actual dishes look like.

Ho Chiak Curry Mee Ho Chiak Curry Mee

It is being topped with some curry paste on the spoon, some tofu and some mint’s leaf. Here is the close up look of it.

Ho Chiak Curry Mee closue upClose up view

Penang Curry Mee is also known as Penang White Curry Mee, where the curry soup is white in color prior to the mixing the curry paste to the soup. Ho Chiak version is an good example of it.

Ho Chiak’s version is  kind of less spicy and sweet when compare to Ah Hong’s version. Ho chiak’s version  is less oily too. You should go and try it, and you may know how the actual taste it. I would say that the taste is above normal.

Stall information:

Name: Ho Chiak Curry Mee

Address: Nil

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 6:00am till 12:00Noon

Cuisine: Hawker Stall, Chinese, Curry Noodle

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil


Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • It tasted delicious; you will only know how it tastes when you tasted it.
  • less oily when compare to Ah’ Hong’s curry mee
  • Low cost, plain version without add on is only cost RM 2.00
  • Limited parking around the hawker center.
  • Seller with confident and good attitude.
  • Good tag line for the stall to attract customer
  • No Tax, only cash term.

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  1. What is cutter fish ?

  2. passed by the place today and my friend was amused by the name, sounds like a good place to try but the parking could be a bit tricky tho

    • Hi Ken,
      Yes, the parking there is a problem. You can only park along the road. Sometime, i will skip it and go straight to Ah Hong Curry Mee if i fail to find Parking.
      Btw, his Ho Chiak Curry Mee is quiet comparable and on par with Ah Hong one. It only cost RM2 vs RM3.20 with tofu on it only. Big different in price gap.


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