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I and 3 of my colleague was going for lunch exploration again. Today, we decided to go to e-Gate Noodle Station to try out it noodle. None of us has been there because we were normally chosen to go to Papa rich instead.

Noodle station at eGate Front View of Noodle Station e-Gate

If you know where is e-Gate Penang is, you should not have any problem finding this place. If you are coming from Prai to Penang using the bridge, e-Gate is on your left hand side after you take the right exit from the bridge. After you found e-Gate, you should not have any problem locating Noodle Station. If you do have problem, just look for the PC-depot. Noodle station is just located below to PC-depot.

Noodle station front viewMain Entrance of Noodle Station e-Gate

Here is the front view of the Noodle Station main station at e-Gate. It has a big red sign board! If you see this kind of red sign board, high chances it is a Chinese owned restaurant.

The Environment:

Noodle Station e-Gate has 2 places where you can choose for dining. The first place is the outdoor where you can enjoy the sea view and wind blowing from the coast. The second place is the internal dining area where it is fully enclosed and supplied with air conditional. For us, we will definitely choose the air conditional area as Malaysia is humid and hot during noon time.

Noodle station dining environmentWell decorated Dining Environment

Interior is well decorated and great lighting. The dining table and the chair is semi wooden with metal base. Each table can accompany up till 4 customer. If you took the sofa row where you combine the entire stretch table together, this should able to accompany ~ 10-12 customer at one session.

Noodle station settingDinning setting

The dining setting place on top on the table is kind of simple. There are 4 different spices and sauces for you choose.  Beside the spices, there is some promotional set which suitable for a set lunch. I have read the material and found out that the promotion items is still consider expensive.

Noodle station MenuNoodle Station e-Gate’s Menu

The menu is kind of simple as well, and there are ~10 selections for each section. In above menu, there are 9 selections for you to choose the noodle variety. The menu is colorful and price is clearly label.

Noodle station Menu close up Menu Close up

Chef recommendation is also incorporated into the menu to simplify the ordering process. It also includes the spicy level into the menu as well. The more chili symbol, the more spicier it is.  Each picture is clearly label to guide the customer too. You should not have any problem in ordering the dishes.

How does the food taste?

I have ordered the Spicy Trio Springy Noodle which cost me RM 8.90. Here is how the actual noodle looks like.

Noodle station Wan tan Noodle My lunch’s noodle

The noodle arrived with good setting. There are 3 fried wan tan, 2 fish balls and 3 pc of shrimps. The noodle look similar to Maggi Noodle but it actually tastes better than it. The noodle is more Q or springy when compare to Maggi Noodle. This noodle is rated with 2 chili symbol beside the menu; but it wasn’t hot at all. This may be only isolated to me as I liked spicy food. May be I should ask them to make it more spicier for me.

Noodle station secretNoodle Station secret recipe

Noodle station’s noodle is tasted well as they self made the noodle without any alkaline water, preservative and artificial coloring. This is really good for end customer and that why the Noodle Station network has been expanded to more than 20 outlet thought-out Malaysia.

For my lunch, it total cost me RM 10.67. The noodle cost RM 8.90 and the warm wafer cost RM0.80. Iced wafer cost RM 1.40, which is more expensive than Iced Milo in hawker center. The final value is inclusive of service tax but no government tax. The price is kind of expensive for lunch if you compare with normal hawker center or Burger King which only cost RM5.99. On the other side, if you compare it with Papa rich or Old town, the Noodle Station’s price is consider on par with other fast food outlet.

Restaurant information:

Noodle Station logo

Name: Noodle Station @ E-Gate, Penang


Telephone: 04-6574168

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 10:00am till 10:00pm

Cuisine: Fast Food, Noodle

Homepage: Noodle Station Homepage


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Best Penang Food Editor Review:

    • Self made noodle with no alkaline water, preservative and artificial coloring
    • The noodle is springy and delicious
    • The price is overpriced if compare with hawker food but is on par with fast food restaurant like Oldtown or Mc D.
    • Dining environment is well decorated
    • No Government tax, Only need to pay the service tax of 10%
    • Set lunch is not very attractive / competitive in term of pricing.
    • Lot of parking

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  1. Are you sure warm water cost rm0.80 and iced water cost rm1.40??????

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