Miraku Japanese Buffet Review

Miraku Japanese Buffet Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

[23 April 2014] Updated Session time and price for it famous saturday Japanese buffet .

Miraku Japanese Buffet is located inside G hotel, Penang. My wife has introduced me to this Japanese restaurant as she has tried the Saturday lunch buffet there. Well, I said: “Let go for it!! Btw, how much does it cost?” It only cost RM59/person per session of 1.5 hours. Within the session, you can enjoy unlimited sashimi which is my favorite, assorted sushi, salad, noodle, salad and ice cream. Does it really worth it?  I would say yes!! Read on!!

Front Cover of Miraku Menu Miraku logo from the menu’s front cover

Miraku in Japanese means a great place for customers to enjoy great food. Miraku position itself as fine dining restaurant which designed to provide the art of Japanese dining to those who desire to experience gourmet food (I copy directly from Miraku’s Menu). Miraku aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia. How do they accomplish this tough challenge? Well, they are armed with the best and experienced chef directly brought from Japan. Beside this, they had placed top priority in the selection of quality and fresh raw materials to support Miraku day to days needs.

Miraku's Main Entrance at G HotelMain entrance of Miraku Japanese Restaurant

Miraku is established under the Texchem group of companies. Texchem has setup the first Miraku in first floor of G Hotel, Penang.  Total land area utilized by Miraku is 4568 square feet and it able to accommodate an approximately 130 customers at one time.

The Environment

Upon entering from the main entrance, you will see the main kitchen on your right hand side. For the Japanese buffet session, you will found that the food is arranged in a U-shaped table surrounding the kitchen.

Main Buffet area for Miraku G hotel Main Miraku Japanese buffet area

In the center region, you will found lot of sashimi which place on top of the Mega big boat and assorted sushi surrounding it. This Mega big boat is the main attraction of the buffet session where you may need to queue up during early of the session. You can get the unlimited fresh scallop, salmon, sea bass and octopus sashimi from the boat.

Mega Sashimi boat at Miraku G hotelMega sashimi boat to cure your sashimi fever

On the right hand side, you will found assorted salad and dressing used for the salad. There is also an ice cream counter at the end of the row.

Salad and ice cream bar at Miraku G hotelSalad and ice cream counter

Before you can start the buffet, you will need to get an empty plate and folk. All the dining set required is place in front of the salad bar as shown below.

Dining set at Miraku G hotelDinning set

On the left hand side of the main counter, you will find yourself in the tempura counter and noodle counter.  You can also order chawan mushi from the counter too.

Noodle and Fried stuff at Miraku G hotel Noodle and tempura counter

Before you start the buffet, you will be guided to the dinning place. The dining table is kind of simple and clean.

Dinning Place at Miraku G hotelDinning table and setting

Overall, the dining buffet counter and environment is clean and nice. You should able to enjoy the lunch buffet happily.

How does the food taste?

For me, the sashimi lover, I have started up the lunch buffet with ton of Sashimi. Here is what I have, Salmon and Sea bass sashimi, scallop sushi and some octopus.

Assorted Sushi and sashimi at Miraku G hotel Assorted sushi and sashimi as my starter

Here is the close up view of the salmon sashimi and some other sushi at the main counter.

Salmon Sashimi at Miraku G hotel Salmon sashimi

Red Tune Sashimi at Miraku G hotel Red Tuna sashimi

Sea Bass Sashimi at Miraku G hotel Sea Bass sashimi

Octopus and Scallop sashimi at Miraku G hotelOctopus and scallop sashimi

Asahi Kani at Miraku G hotelKing crab

Ebiko sushi at Miraku G hotelEbiko sushi

Unagi sushi at Miraku G hotelUnagi sushi

Salmon Sushi at Miraku G hotelSalmon sushi

Scallop Sushi at Miraku G hotelScallop sushi

All of the above sashimi and sushi, you can get it from the main counter and the mega boat. The only missing dish is the red tuna sashimi where you will need to get from the chef. I wonder why they did not place the tuna sashimi in the Mega boat. Here is the close up picture of the fresh scallop on top of the Mega boat.

Fresh Scallop sashimi at Miraku G hotelFresh scallop sashimi at the mega boat

After having all the sashimi and sushi as starter, you can get hold of 4 different of cool fruit juice directly opposite to main counter. Beside the fruit juice, you can get the hot or cold green tea at the drink counter as well.

Assorted cool drink at Miraku G hotel Assorted cool fruit juice

For tempura lover, you can get the tempura at the tempura counter which is just beside the noodle counter.

Assorted Tempura  at MirakuAssorted Tempura

The next dish after you have finished the main course is the dessert. You should not skip the dessert. You can get high quality ice cream from the Ice cream counter. There are 3 different varieties of ice cream, i.e. the green tea, black Sesame and the vanilla ice cream. Beside the ice cream, there also supply the Annin Tofu (Almond pudding) and Anmitsu (Jelly cube, red bean and potato).

Ice Cream Selection at Miraku G hotelIce cream selection available

You can order the ice cream in the form of single scoop or multiple scoops with annin tofu and anmitsu. Here is what I get for myself.

Black Saseme Ice cream at Miraku G hotel Black sesame ice cream, must try!!

Ice Cream dessert at Miraku G hotel Ice Cream boat, with Annin tofu and Anmitsu – Must TRY!!!

Basically, I took both of them. The ice cream is so delicious that you will never have enough if you only take the single scoop.

Overall, I kind of satisfy with the Miraku Japanese buffet. They provide fresh sashimi and top quality ice cream. These 2 combo will definitely capture my appetite when I thinking of Japanese buffet.


Restaurant information:

Miraku Logo at G hotel

Name: Miraku Japanese Buffet

Address: G-Hotel, Gurney

Telephone: 604-2298702

Opening Hours:
Session 1: Sat 11:30 am till 1:00pm
Session 2: Sat 1:15 pm till 2:45pm

Cuisine: Japanese, Buffet

Homepage: Miraku Homepage

E-mail: afm@miraku-restaurant.com


Price     :    Adult – RM 59++ ; children – RM35++


Best Penang Food Editor’s Review

  • Best value and quality Japanese Buffet in Penang
  • Attractive Japanese buffet price
  • Quality food that meet customer expectation
  • Best suitable for the sashimi and ice cream lover only.
  • Clean and quiet environment
  • Provide private room which can occupy 8 persons
  • Confusing Kid eat for free promotion (under 5 or under 6 years old??)
  • Limited session time per session, just nice for lunch.
  • Service charge – 10%, Government tax – 5%

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