James Foo Western Food Review

James Foo Western Food Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

If you are going to Mount Miriam Hospital using Evergreen road from Jalan Fettes at night time, you will always found that the junction will always pack with car and traffic jam. Why? It is because of James Foo Western Food restaurant. James Foo is famous for its western food, like grill chicken, grilled salmon, chicken Maryland and many more. The restaurant was located beside the Fatty Loh chicken rice at Tanjong Tokong.

The Environment

Back in the old days which is around 7 years ago, where I first tried it grilled chicken at small hawker stall at the corner hawker center. Later, they were forced to move to the shop lot along Jalan Fettes as the hawker center has been demolished and reconstructed with new commercial building.  In year 2011, they have moved back to the original hawker center location but with a new faces and a new commercial building. They fully owned the ground floor and renovated with air conditional. Overall the restaurant is well renovated to something similar to McD or Burger King style.

dining place of James Foo Western Food Dining place

The restaurant has great lighting and it come with a juice bar at the center of the restaurant. If you drop by James Foo western food during the weekend for dinner, you will always found that this restaurant is pack with customer. In other word, it will always be full house. Sometimes, the customer is force to wait at the main entrance while waiting to be served.

When you dine in the James Foo Western Food, you might have a concern that you will need to wait for 1 hour before the food comes! Your worry is not valid anymore.  You will be surprise that the food and drink will be serving within 20mins even though it is full house!

How does the food taste?

James Foo Western Food comes with a great menu as well. The menu is well organized with colorful picture and price stated. You will not any problem in ordering the food. Each of the pictures will come with a label. if you don’t read the menu, then just read the label beside the picture.

James Foo Western Food menu 3 close up view of the Menu

They categorized the menu by different ingredient like lamb, chicken, fish, pork, combo and salad. The most frequent dishes that available is chicken Maryland, grilled chicken and chicken Gordon blue which stuff with cheese and ham.  I would highly recommend that you try all these 3 selection.

James Foo Western Food menu 2 James Foo Food menu (Get the full size picture here >> Page 1 & Page 2)

For me, I have ordered the grilled chicken, my wife has the chicken chop and my mother in law has ordered the grilled salmon.

Grilled chicken of James Foo Western Food Grilled Chicken- RM8

fish and chip of James Foo Western Food Fish and chip – RM9

grilled salmon of James Foo Western Food Grilled salmon steak – RM16

All the western food dishes come with a standard set ingredient like the French fried, bun , some salad and some green pea.  For the fish’s dishes, it will always come with some tar tar sauce.

Overall, James Foo western food does provide good service and good food that meet customer expectation. Beside this, it price tag is very competitive to other restaurant in Tanjung Tokong.

Restaurant Information:

James Foo Western Food logo

Name: James Foo and family Western Food

21-A, Jalan Fettes Park,
11200 Penang,

Telephone: 04-8993671

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 11:00 till 2:00pm
Mon-Sun 5:pm till 11:30pm

Cuisine: Western Food

Homepage: Facebook Page

E-mail: Nil

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Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • Lot of variety of western food selection
  • cheaper price when compare to other western food restaurant
  • Fully Air conditional dining area
  • Food is being serve with in 20 minutes even thought it is full house
  • Lot of dining table, but always full house during dinner time especially during weekend
  • Limited parking
  • No Tax

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  1. Never liked James foo, its a pity that they don’t even understand what’s western food. Western food isn’t just about grilling/frying something and top with some powder-made sauce.

    • Hi Ken,
      Well, the taste is really depend on individual. What i can say is, their taste do suite most of the community in Penang.
      Any western food that you can recommend in Penang? hehe, i interested to understand how the western food should be :)


  2. Hainan Western says:

    it taste like crap..wonder how they manage to survive for so long..chicken is overcooked,steak & fish isn’t fresh, service sucks, even the gravy taste weird..
    I am a community of Penang, i can easily say that the food doesnt even match up to our taste. People go there just because it is cheap that is that. There is a hainan western stall near esplanade or the one in bai yun shan easily whopped james foo ass..Go and try it out and let me know xD

    • Hi Jess,
      I do see that recent James foo western food is not that crowded in Fettes park, highly potential that they has opened a new branch in Ayer Itam. It might be a short period of time where they will need some time to train up the chef.

      I do agree, that the price is cheap that do draw a lot of crowd.


  3. I don’t like the food at James foo.
    Overcooked and the gravy is just ready made gravy.
    I’ve had much better western food in Penang.
    It’s yaws roast & grill that in the midlands area.
    Their food and gravy there totally has much more taste and quality.

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