Idealite Restaurant | Dim Sum Review

Idealite Restaurant | Dim Sum Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

During weekend, I normally bring my family to go to Penang Botanical garden or Penang Youth Park. We will pass by Idealite Restaurant (生命阳光) along Jalan Gottlieb before we reached the garden. After the morning exercise, I normally bring my family to drop by the Restaurant Chop Heap Seng for Raju Tosei or Ah kok Kuey Teow Soup. Today, we have made a slight detour as we had seen that Idealite has hang a banner to promote their Dim Sum.

Idealite Restaurant at Jalan Bagan JermalFront view of Idealite Restaurant

Well, as we are passion for food, especially healthy vegetarian food. We have been attracted by Idealite restaurant Dim Sum promotion as we seldom or never ate vegetarian Dim Sum before. It is kind of rare to get these without any pork!

The Environment

In the early morning, around 930am, we have step into the Idealite Restaurant. This is not the first time that we came here for dining.  I and my wife have been for the Hakka Lei Cha (七彩客家雷茶). It really tastes good. Below is the actual dining hall in Idealite Restaurant.

Idealite Restaurant  dining hallDining Hall, bright, quiet ambient and clean environment

You will feel that the Idealite restaurant has very bright and having clean dining environment. The hall is fully air conditional. The dining table is arranged in one straight column form. The dining hall is kind of huge as the ceiling of roof is tall. This is one of the unique properties of Penang Commercial lot.  As the dining hall is big and spacy, indirectly it will create a quiet place for dining. This does not valid any more upon my 2 kid entering the restaurant. You will hear their voice at each corner of the restaurant.

Idealite Restaurant MenuDim Sum menu, Get the full size picture here

From the menu, there are 14 different kind of vegetarian Dim sum selection for the customer. If you are first time to visit Idealite restaurant, you might thought that all these are all contains pork. From the picture, there are not much different when compare to ordinary Dim Sum; But the filler is totally made of vegetable. Their art work is really impressive.

How does the food taste?

Since we plan to try Idealite restaurant’s Dim Sum, we have ordered 14 plates, which consist of all the selection from the menu. Within 10 min, the food is being served. Here is how it looks like.

Eating Breakfast at Idealite Restaurant Me, the editor and the father of 3 kids, trying the 14 variety of Dim Sum

Looking at the final product, the Dim Sum does look like ordinary version, but the filler is different. It is all consist of vegetable and some spices. Here is the close up look it.

Cute Piglet Bun at Idealite Restaurant The cute piglet bun does look attractive. It cost Rm6.70 for a pair.

Bak Kut Teh Pan Fried Bun at Idealite Restaurant Bak Kut Teh pan fried bun (肉骨茶煎包) – RM5.70

Bean Curd roll at Idealite Restaurant Bean Curd roll (鲜竹卷) – RM4.70

Black Sesame Bun at Idealite Restaurant Black sesame bun (黑芝麻流沙包) – RM5.70

Egg Tart at Idealite Restaurant Egg Tart (蛋挞)– Rm6.70

Egg York Bun at Idealite Restaurant Egg york bun (流沙包)– RM5.70

Fried Dumpling at Idealite Restaurant Fried dumpling (锅贴) – RM6.70

Mushroom Dumpling at Idealite Restaurant Mushroom dumpling (罗汉饺子)– RM5.70

Prosperity dumpling at Idealite Restaurant Prosperity dumpling (旺饺)– RM6.70

Silky Egg Dumpling at Idealite Restaurant Silky Egg Dumpling (三丝鸡蛋饺子) – RM3.70

Variety of Dim Sum that i orderedVariety of Dim Sum

Overall, the Dim Sum is kind of unique in the market where it only uses vegetable as filler. The taste is quiet comparable to the pork version but the texture is totally different.  There is less oil in it and it is totally healthy.  The only thing that I don’t like is the price! it is around 30 to 50% more expensive when compare to the pork version of the Dim Sum.

The price of the food is slightly higher when we made the comparison between Idealite restaurant with normal restaurant. The reason behind is pretty simple; Idealite Restaurant selects ingredient which is natural and no artificial MSG. The water is being  purified using Amway water purifier and they also use low temperature cooking utensil.  All these is equipment and ingredient is not cheap and it will be part of the dishes cost. Well, you may need to pay higher price to get healthy food but you will get the valuable healthy body in exchange in long run. This is something that you may need to be tolerance to move forward.

Restaurant information:

Idealite Restaurant Logo

Name: Idealite Restaurant – 生命阳光-马来西亚首创正食养生餐厅

27c, Jalan Gottlieb,
10350 Pulau Pinang. (Beside waterfall hotel)

Telephone: 04-2286650

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun 8:00am till 11am (Breakfast)
Tue-Sun 11:00am till 3:00pm (Lunch)
Tue-Sun 6:00pm till  8:00pm (Dinner)

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Chinese

Homepage: Idealite Restaurant 生命阳光-马来西亚首创正食养生餐厅

E-mail: Nil

>> Map <<

Provide service like Detoxification camp, health course and consultation, Guasha and stretching and organic station.

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review

  • Owned by 6 young and energetic entrepreneur which is FCPAAM Registered Nutritionist
  • The owner is known as the chef as well
  • Vegetarian Dim Sum which is unique in market
  • It taste comparable to pork version
  • Food is served within 10 min and it does not feel too hot with steam as they uses low temperature cooking utensil and technique
  • Clean dining hall and quiet ambient with air conditional
  • Great customer service, they greet every customer when they enter the restaurant
  • Can accommodate more than 100 customers. You can choose to seat at ground floor or first floor.
  • No MSG and no oily food.
  • With free WIFI
  • No Government and service tax
  • No Credit card available. Only Cash
  • Limited car park

GD Star Rating
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  1. oh this is definitely one of my favorite places when it comes to vegetarian meal, and i’m surprised that you and your wife can finish all the dim sum! haha

  2. Hi,
    Great review… I didn’t know that idealite offer dim sum as well.
    They have a new 3rd outlet open currently at Gurney Plaza 3rd Floor, next to Kim Gary to give choices to shoppers for great healthy food.

    Lets build a healthy lifestyle by eating rite.


    • Hi, Wayne,

      Thanks you for your input. Yes, idealite is expanding. Gurney plaza and the one near waterfall is kind of close together, not sure the business can sustain or not.


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