Huey and Wah Cafe Review

Huey and Wah Cafe Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

Kind of bored to Starbuck or Coffee bean? Well, last Wednesday, my wife found a new Café in Straits Quay Penang which sells coffee, snack and marshmallows! Interesting is it? We decide to pay a visit on the Sunday to try out this little café so called Huey and Wah Cafe.

Wide angle view of Huey & Wah Cafe
Wide angle view of the cafe

The shop is kind of small with ~500 sq ft max. This café is owned by a couple call Ah Huey and Ah Wah. That is how the café names came from. Both of them is very friendly and talk active.

Huey & Wah the Cafe ownerAh Huey and Ah Wah, the owner

The Environment

When you reach Straits Quay, you will always start with the water fountain at the main entrance. Walk straight, you will reach the center point of the T junction, turn left and walk straight, the Huey and Wah Café is on your left side.

Front view of Huey & Wah Cafe Front view of the cafe

The exterior decoration is kind of simple but creative. Some wooden table and chair was place outside the café. You can choose to dine inside or outside the café. Off course, there will not be any air conditional outside the café.

From above picture, you can see that Huey and Wah has utilized half of the shop lot on the right as kitchen and the remaining space on the left was used for dining place. Inside the café, there are only 3 tables which can accommodate a total of 12 customer at one time.

Butter cookies at Huey & Wah Cafe Butter cookies for sale at the front counter

Outside of the café, they sell some butter cookies which packed in the glass jar form. Starting price is RM 28 and above. All these cookies were made by Ah Huey.

Variety of Marshmallows at Huey & Wah Cafe Variety of marshmallows which make by Ah Wah

Inside the café, left hand side of the cash machine; you will found 8 variety of marshmallows The 8 variety are (from left to right):

  1. Stout (main ingredient is Guinness stout off course!)
  2. Espresso
  3. Green Tea
  4. Rose
  5. Passion fruit
  6. Lemon
  7. Chocolate
  8. Vanilla
    All these marshmallow is made by Ah Wah at the kitchen behind the counter

Variety of cookies and snack at Huey & Wah Cafe Variety of cookies and snack which made by Ah Huey

Further to the left, you will see variety of cake, snack, muffin and cookies which made by Ah Huey.

Dining environment at Huey & Wah Cafe Dining environment

The dining place is kind of simple. You will found the drop in book shelf on the left where you can drop in any book that you doesn’t need and take away any book that you interested to read. The Huey and Wah cafe dining table is just a metal frame topped with wood. The chair is fully made by metals. Unlike the normal chair, Ah Huey and Ah Wah have modified the chair with some interesting wording on top of it. You will enjoy sitting on it, but don’t fart!

Unique chair at Huey & Wah Cafe Unique chair with wording

Table setting at Huey & Wah Cafe Table setting

On top of the table, they have placed some book, games and some mask. You can use all of the item here while enjoying the Kopi-O with marshmallows.

How does the food taste?

Their menu is kind of simple too, only black and white with some wording. The price for a drink is starting from RM4.90 for a kopi-o which does not have the marshmallows topping. RM 6.50 for the Kopi-O with marshmallows topping.

Menu of Huey & Wah Cafe Huey & Wah Cafe menu, Get the full size menu here

Since this is the first time that I visited Huey and Wah Café, I have a short chat with Ah Wah on the drink selection. Ah Wah recommended me to try the Kopi-O with Stout marshmallow. Here is how the actual coffee looks like.

Kopi-O with MarshmellowsKopi-O with stout marshmallows – RM 5.60

The Kopi-O is topped with 2 large piece of stout marshmallow. The marshmallow will slowly melt into the coffee as the coffee is freshly brewed. Without any hesitation, I tried it. The kopi-o is bitter in taste where as it mixed with some honey taste from the melted marshmallows. This is really unique and I would highly recommend that you tried this combination. Since Ah Wah, uses the stout as part of the marshmallows ingredient, this is consider non-halal. If you are Muslim, you still can enjoy the marshmallows from option 2 to 8.

Raisin cookie of Huey & Wah Cafe Raisin cookies, 2pc at RM 3.80

I have also ordered 2 raisin cookies for my children; the cookies do taste comparable to Coffee bean’s cookies.

Overall, I kind of satisfied with the Kopi-O with stout marshmallows. Reason behind is mainly due to it taste, partly is due to it price which is consider lower when compare to Coffee bean and Starbuck.

Café information:

Name: Huey and Wah Café

3A-G-31, Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Telephone: 04-8903962

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30 am till 10:30 pm

Cuisine: Coffee, Western Food

Homepage: website



Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Small little café that owned by creative and innovative owner , i.e. Ah Huey and Ah Wah
  • Specialized in marshmallows with 8 different variety. All these are made by Ah Wah.
  • Variety of cake, pastry, muffin and cookies which hand made by Ah Huey.
  • Great combination of drinks with marshmallows that bring out a different way of enjoying the coffee or Milo or milk.
  • Environment friendly decoration with lot of green plants
  • Limited dining table. Max of 12 seat will fully occupied the cafe
  • No government tax and service charges

GD Star Rating
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  1. panoramic view of iphone 5? haha! I’ve seen quite a lot of friends (bloggers) writing about this restaurant but i ain’t a fan of coffees, too bad, i get bad gastric once i drank even a sip of coffee!

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