Kindori Review

Kindori Review, 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

While waiting for my wife shopping around in Gurney Plaza, I have decided to take a short break to try out the Kindori Japanese ice cream. Kindori was actually located diagonal front of Apple premium Switch store. Here is how the Kindori ice cream stall look like.

Front View of Kindori Gurney PlazaFront View of Kindori Gurney Plaza

The shop setting is very simple with the menu on the center left and a fridge on the center right.

Frozen fruit at Kindori Gurney Plaza Fresh fruit store inside the fridge

Kindori ice cream is kind of healthy as it is made by 100% fresh milk without any food coloring or preservative added. Kindori ice cream get it flavor from the fresh fruit which store on the fridge under –40C. The fresh fruit will be blended with the ice cream immediately after the order was made. This kept the freshness of the fruit and delivers a great ice cream blend taste.  The are around 41 selection of taste that you can choose from.  Here is how the menu looks like.

Menu of Kindori Gurney PlazaKindori’s  menu

To order, first is to choose the flavor. For me, I have chosen the cempedak (jackfruit) which has strong taste. The second step is to choose the size. There are 2 size available, i.e. paper cup or cone.  If you choose the cone, you will need to pay additional RM1.

Ice cream size of Kindori Gurney Plaza Size selection

The Environment

Kindori do provide some simple plastic chair and table for the customer to enjoy the dessert. Customer can enjoy the air conditional ambient inside the Gurney plaza shopping mall while enjoy the Kindori ice cream.

dining setting at Kindori Gurney PlazaDinning table and setting

How does the Ice Cream taste?

I have ordered the jackfruit flavor  in a paper cup form. Here is how the actual product looks like.

Cempedak flavor of Kindori Gurney PlazaJackfruit flavor

As you can see, the ice cream is kind of yellow color. This is how the actual jackfruit’s natural color is. The Kindori ice cream do has strong taste of natural jackfruit. It also come with some natural bite of the fruit when you enjoying the it. If comparing this with Tutti Fruiti Frozen Yogurt, I will definitely choose Kindori. It simple taste better and healthier than Tutti Fruitti which uses artificial flavor.

Stall details:

Logo of Kindori Gurney Plaza
Name: Kindori Japanese Ice Cream

Address: Penang Gurney Plaza, Lot 170-03-K1, Level 3.

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00am till 10:00pm

Cuisine: Ice-Cream, Japanese

Homepage: Facebook page , Kindori Homepage



Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Strong natural fruit taste
  • Recipe is origin from Japan
  • Uses 100% fresh milk
  • No preservative
  • No food coloring
  • No government and service tax
  • Great ambient with air conditional
  • Not located in ground floor or lower ground floor, kind of isolated dessert store within the new wing.
  • competitive price when comparing to Tutti Fruitti

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  1. Despite the fact I adore their flavors but I would personally prefer Yogurt-based ice cream with the hint of sourness, it makes me feel more refreshing and appetizing

  2. Hmm, you should state that you and the owner knows each other.

    • Well, most of the time, i write the review by walking in as a normal customer. This is the best method as the end product will be similar to other customer.
      If i know the owner, i will share the picture that me and the owner.

      btw, any idea what make you think i know Kindori’s boss? just curious!

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