Irrawaddy Fine Foods Review

Irrawaddy Fine Foods Review, 3.8 out of 5 based on 1 rating

I and my wife set for a food hunt, and both of us took the Honda kiap to search around the Irrawaddy road. We tried to find the Irrawaddy Fine Foods in Irrawaddy fine food, but we failed. In the later stage, we found a banner that talk about the relocation of the restaurant and we are finally found it at Chow Thye road which is a right hand turn from Irrawaddy road. We are so happy that we have found the place that we planned to pay a visit to. Here is actual front view look at the restaurant.

Wide angle view of the Irrawaddy Fine Foods banner
Wide angle view

Front View of Irrawaddy Fine Foods bannerFront View of the restaurant

Irrawaddy fine foods share the same restaurant location as the That Little Wine Bar. Both were lead by the famous chef Thomas which origin from New York, US. Chef Thomas was the feature chef if Asian Food Channel for the cooking show “Chalk and Cheese”. Irrawaddy fine Food open from 10am till 5pm where as That little wine bar took over for the night session. Before you enter the main gate, you will found this banner.

Irrawaddy Fine Foods bannerChef Thomas AFC banner

The Environment

Irrawaddy fine foods was located in a pre-war type double storey shop lot off the busy Jalan Burmah. The front garden is surrounded by green bamboo tree, you will feel kind of quiet ambient upon entering from the main gate.

Irrawaddy Fine Foods barMain bar area

Once you enter the restaurant, you will found the main bar. On top of the main bar, you will find a variety of cooking ingredient for sales. For the surrounding,  It has moderated decoration and clean hall with lightly dimmed lighting. You will enjoy the environment and the services as you will be served by American waitress. This actually differentiate the Irrawaddy fine foods to other restaurant as it make you feel like you are in New York.

Irrawaddy Fine Foods dining environmentDinning setting

How does the food taste?

Since we has arrived there ~3pm in the afternoon, we decided to have some sandwich for my wife and some sausage for me. Here is how the menu look like.

Irrawaddy Fine Foods menuMenu

The menu is kind of simple. It has a green background and white wording. The choices is kind of limited, but the price is kind of attractive.  Each item has it price tag spelled out clearly in the menu, but there are no special star which make the selection slightly difficult. Luckily it has some supporting pictures at the bottom of the menu.

I have ordered the Italian American sausage and a latte, and this is how the actual dishes looks like.

Italian American sausage at Irrawaddy Fine Foods bannerItalian American Sausage – RM10.90

Latte at Irrawaddy Fine Foods Latte RM7.90

There are 2 sausages and 5 pc of Focaccia bread. I like both the bread and sausage.

BLT of Irrawaddy Fine Foods bannerBLT RM11.50

My wife ordered the BLT. The filler and the bread is kind of simple. This dishes cost RM11.50 which is kind of expensive.

Apple pie at Irrawaddy Fine Foods bannerApple Cinnamon cake RM5

We close our afternoon food hunt with  a pc of apple cake. Overall, the food in Irrawaddy fine foods is kind of norm to me. The price tag is considered low if we position the restaurant standard as fine foods. The quiet dinning ambient is a plus and the restaurant is decorated with New York feel which make it suitable for a group gathering.

Will I come again?

May be, I like their bread which made fresh everyday and their coffee.

Variety of bread in Irrawaddy Fine Foods Variety of bread

Restaurant information:

Name: Irrawaddy Fine Foods

54a, Jalan Chow Thye,
10050 Penang, Malaysia

Telephone: 04-2286360

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am till 5:00pm

Cuisine: FIne Dining, Western Food

Homepage: Irrawaddy Fine Food Homepage



Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • located off the main street which is crowded with traffics
  • Quiet ambient with fully air conditioned dining hall
  • Served by American waitress
  • Simple menu with clear price tag link on each item.
  • Great alternative place to Starbuck or Coffee bean
  • Limited parking

GD Star Rating
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  1. Many readers have suggested this place to me as well, especially their freshly baked breads. Haven’t had the chance to do a review yet but will definitely do so in the near future, how about their main course? What is the price range that i will be expecting to see?

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