7 Village Noodle House Review

7 Village Noodle House Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti sign board

In year 2012, I first tried 7 Village Noodle House when I was on a trip to Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai. We were having lunch there before continue to our destination.  7 Village is famous for their Kuey Teow soup. It is really tastes good but not the best. I personally still prefer the Ah Kok Kuey Teow Soup.

Recently, I found out that 7 Village Noodle House is expanding their network in Penang and I am pretty excited about this new branch in Penang. You can found 7 Village in Abut Siti Lane. Here is how it is look like.

wide angle view of 7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti
Wide angle view.. CLICK HERE for the full size picture

It was located at Sim Clan Ancestral Hall, which is 3 block from the left of Restaurant Jade Palace. Here is the front view of 7 Village Noodle House. If you missed out the blue sign board, then you will need to look for word seven which I believe you will not miss it when you stand on Abu Site Lane.

Front view of 7 Village Noodle House Abu SitiFront View of 7 Village Noodle House

7 Village Noodle House dining environment

Since 7 Village Noodle House is a well established restaurant with 3 branches, you will not expect to found hawker style dining area. Upon you walk into the restaurant, you will observe that the restaurant is well decorated with big picture showing their main dishes hanging on the wall. The dinning setting is kind of simple, clean metal table and chair. There are no ordering/ping button on the table, to get hold of the waitress, you will have to wave your hand to get the waitress attention.

Interior view of 7 Village Noodle House Abu SitiInterior view

There are 2 sections within the restaurant, the first section on the front is NON air conditioned whereas the inner section is air conditioned.

7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti Menu 2Menu .. Full size menu >> Page1  >>Page2

Their menu is kind of simple. It comes with some picture of the recommended dishes and all the items are well categorized. The price of each item is clearly stated in the menu; you should not have any problem to make the ordering.

Main sign board of 7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti Main sign board

Beside the blue paper menu, you will found that they have an alternative sign board style menu hanging on the wall that spell out all the dishes in the menu and it price. You will definitely found this sign board in each branches upon you enter from the main entrance. This has become one the “MUST” have decoration sign board in 7 Village noodle house.

How does the food taste?

Me and my wife have ordered the Kuey Teow soup and the rice noodle dry. Beside the main dishes, we have ordered 2 side dishes, that is the lo bak (marinated pork in sausage form) and dragon ball (minced fish ball). Here is how the actual dishes look like.

Rice noodle Dry at 7 Village Noodle House Abu SitiRice noodle dry – RM 3.30 (small size)

The dry fat rice noodle (老鼠粉) is topped with 2 fish ball, 2 slide of chicken and a big chunk of minced meat.

Guo Tiao Tang at 7 Village Noodle House Abu SitiKuey Teow Soup RM4.50 (large size)

Above picture shown the 7 Village famous Kuey Teow Soup; it has the same topping as the rice noodle but it seem like it has lot of minced meat. Sound good is it? Actually, 50% of the minced meat is pass over from my wife’s rice noodle to my Kuey Teow soup, that why there are lot of minced meat in my bowl.

Dragon Ball at 7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti6 pc of Dragon ball (fish ball)… RM3.30

Lo bak of 7 Village Noodle House Abu SitiLo Bak… RM1.50 per roll

Overall, the dishes is tasty and above average. The price of the food is kind of reasonable and suite most of the customer need. Dishes are well presented upon arrived and the setting is nice. You will enjoy the food there !!

Will I come again ?

Yes, definitely.  7 village noodle house do provide a great place for gathering and great food as well.

Restaurant information
7 Village Noodle House Abu Siti Logo

Name: 7 Village Noodle House

No 37, Lorong Abu Siti,
10400 Georgetown, Penang

Telephone: 04-2270216

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 8:00 am till 9:00 pm

Cuisine: Chinese, Noodle Soup

Homepage: 7 Village Noodle House

E-mail: 04-2270216


Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Newly expanded branches at Abu Siti Lane, Penang Island. Total of 3 branches and 1 main restaurant at Raja Uda, Butterworth.
  • Additional option for Kuey Teow Soup with minced meat on top.
  • Variety of food and drink selection.
  • Great place for group gathering with air conditioning.
  • Great price that suite the majority of the customer
  • No government tax and service charge, which is good for customer
  • Clean environment and simple menu
  • No ping/ordering system to call for waitress. You will need to wave your hand to get attention
  • sufficient parking space around Abu Siti Lane

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  1. Rumors saying that they ramen is decent but the koay teow th’ng tasted normal only. I shall drop by this place soon 😛

    • Ramen, i think i will give it a try later. I did not hear about this as well. I check out blogger’s post, most of them talk about the Koay Teow Th’ng.

  2. Nice review, keep it up :)

    I also prefer to be serve by someone rather than writing down my order on a piece of paper :)

    good to hear that no service and gov. tax

    • Hi, Allan,
      Thanks you. I just write down what i see and what i feel. Hope to get more response from reader.
      It is kind of rare that they did not charge gov tax and service charge as there already have 4 branches. Their business is growing big, i believe they need to pay taxes as well.


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