Cafe Evergreen Review

Cafe Evergreen Review, 3.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Sunday morning is always great for food hunt, and today we have gone to Cafe Evergreen (永茂茶室) in Jalan Hutton, Penang for it famous Kuey Teow Soup (粿条汤). Here is how it looks like.

Wide angle view of Kafe Evergreen PenangWide Angle view – View the full size image here

Cafe Evergreen is directly opposite of the Jalan Hutton multi-storey car park as shown far right in above picture. I don’t think you will miss the multi-storey car park if you drive passed Jalan Hutton. Well, if you really missed it, here is the second land mark that you should refer to;  Cafe Evergreen is just walking distance from restaurant Eden seafood and Hutton lodge. You can see a big shrimp as restaurant Eden’s logo.

front view of Kafe Evergreen PenangFront View

Cafe Evergreen is located inside a double storey shop lot. It has more than 60 year of history which starting from a small hawker to a well established restaurant. Inside the restaurant, there are only one hawker stall which sell Kuey Teow Soup and it is fully own by the owner.

Since Jalan Hutton is a one Way Street, the best way to reach there is coming from Jalan Larut, and then makes a left turn to Jalan Hutton as shown below.

Map to Kafe Evergreen PenangMap to Cafe Evergreen

Cafe Evergreen’s Environment

When you reached Cafe Evergreen, here is what you will see from outside.

The boss of Kafe Evergreen PenangThe boss of cafe evergreen

The food stall is located on the right side at the main entrance. The owner will prepare the dishes there and you will be served inside. From the picture, you can see that the inner section is nearly full.  Why? Because the café evergeen is famous !!

Beside the inner section, you can choose to sit along the walk way. Here, you have better environment when compare to the inner section. Why? When you sit along the walk way, you have great air circulation and you are free from the oil stain from the stall. The bad thing is; you get some add on dust to your dishes as you are sitting beside the main road. For me, I still prefer to sit along the walkway as it is cooler and it has better feel of Penang culture!  Penang is famous for its hawker food which spread along the road side.  You know, Malaysia is a hot and humid country, you will get sweat if you sat inside the restaurant that does not have air conditional.

Sitting outside of Kafe Evergreen PenangSat along the walk way

How does café Evergreen food taste?

Without hesitate, I have ordered a bowl of dry noodle and a bowl of kuey teow soup. You will need to wait for ~ 10 minutes before they come to your desk to take the order and wait for another 10 minutes  before they start to prepare your dishes. They will come again and confirm again as the restaurant is too crowded. You will need to wait for another 5 minutes before the final food is served. Well, you will need to spend some time for waiting as the UPH for making a bowl of noodle is kind of slow as it is prepare by the owner which already reached mid hundreds.

food at Kafe Evergreen Penang The noodle is topped with lot of pig innards (spare part from pig like liver, intestine), slices of chicken meat and some meat/fish ball.

Kuey Teow Soup of Kafe Evergreen PenangKuey Teow Soup

The kuey teow soup is kind of clear and sprinkles with some onion leaf cut on top. The taste of the soup is strong and the noodle is soft. Great dishes.

Dry noodle at Kafe Evergreen PenangDry noodle

Overall, the food taste acceptable. I would rate it above average. For my personal preferences, I am still prefer Ah Kok Kuey Teow Soup which located in Jalan Gottlieb, beside Hotel Waterfall.

Will I come again?

May be. This restaurant only has one hawker stall. It is kind of hard to bring an entire family as the choices are limited. I might come again with my wife if we explore downtown Penang using our Honda Kiap (motorbike).

Restaurant information

Name: Cafe Evergreen

11 Hutton Lane
10050 George Town, Penang

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours:
Thur-Tues 7:00 am to 1:30 pm

Cuisine: Noodle Soup, Chinese

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Price: RM3.00 (small), RM3.50 (large)


Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • 60+ years of history of selling noodle, the business grows from a small hawker stall till a well established double storey restaurant.
  • Only has one hawker stall, and limited choices
  • Need to wait for ~ 20 minutes before for food is being served as the restaurant is crowded with customer
  • Lot of dining table to serve 60-80 customer at one time
  • Lot of car park as it is located opposite a multi-storey car park
  • No sales tax and government tax
  • No air-conditional

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  1. Had once… too oily for my liking, and too porky too, i don’t like the porky smell, too pungent for me

    • hi, i agreed, it is a little bit oily which does not suit my taste too. I think it price is over price too and the portions is small. Not enought to fill my stomach. need to take 2 bowl .. haha.


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