Ms Liang Oyster Porridge Review

Ms Liang Oyster Porridge Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

If you are visiting Penang, oyster porridge (蚝干粥) is one of the dishes that you should not miss.  You can only found this dish for the city near the sea like Penang.  I don’t remember I see any oyster porridge stall in my hometown, Seremban. Today, I am going to review Ms Liang Oyster Porridge in Xen Teck Café (缘德茶餐室) along Pengkalan Weld road. Here is how the Café looks like. Ms Liang Oyster Porridge at Xen Teck cafeFront view of Xen Teck Café (缘德茶餐室)

Xen Teck Café is a hawker center along pengkalan weld road. It is located near to the famous Tan Jetty. There are limited car park along the pengkalan weld road, you may need to kept slow and find a car park along the road. Beside the car park along the road, you can make a left hand turn just after the Café. There is a small car park beside the café.

The Environment

Ms Liang Oyster porridge is located in the middle of the Café. You will not miss the stall if you walk around the café as the café is so small. Here is how it looks like.

Ms Liang Oyster PorridgeMs Liang Oyster porridge stall

Ms Liang is the 3rd generation which inherent from her parent. Her stall is kind of simple where the porridge is cook on the center of the counter and the essence of the oyster soup is on the left. When the order is made, she will scoop up the porridge, pour down some oyster soup into the bowl and topped with some sliced meat and fried onion.

Here is how the actual dish looks like.

Ms Liang Oyster Porridge actual dishes Actual view

Unlike other seller, Ms Liang version does not contain any actual dried oyster in it. She only pour the oyster soup essence into the porridge and this complete the dishes.

close up view of Ms Liang Oyster PorridgeClose up view

Does Ms. Liang Oyster Porridge taste good?

Yes, it is. The dishes may look simple but it is really delicious. You can choose to add on stuff like crisp Chinese crullers (油條). This will make dishes taste better as the cruller will absorb the oyster soup essence.

The price for the small bowl is RM2.50. Big size version will cost RM3.00. The add on of  crullers will cost RM0.80.

Will I come again?

Yes, I will.  This is great for breakfast.

Café information:

Name:Ms Liang Oyster Porridge

Xen Teck Café
No.14, She Tan Jetty, Pengkalan Weld,
10300 Pulau Pinang

Telephone: 04-2637158

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 07:00am till 12:00noon

Cuisine: Porridge, Chinese

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s review:

  • 3rd generation Oyster Porridge owner
  • Oyster soup essence is mix to the porridge upon order is made
  • Used charcoal as burning fuel for cooking the porridge and oyster soup essence [updated 3/4/2013]
  • Porridge is cook in a ceramic vase instead of metal pot, that why the porridge taste differently  [updated 3/4/2013]
  • quality is well control as the oyster soup essence is well control
  • No real dried oyster found in the porridge
  • Limited car park

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  1. My favorite oyster porridge is at Jelutong (Jln. Perak), near the Old Town/ Butter and Olive Bakery

    • Hi Ken,
      I haven’t tried Jalan Perak version yet. Will try it near future. When i search about “oyster porridge Penang”. I do saw some blogger like CK Lam wrote about that particular stall.


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