Village Coffee shop Tom Yum Noodle soup review

Village Coffee shop Tom Yum Noodle soup review, 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Every morning, I will pass by Village coffee shop along Jalan Pengkalan Weld, Penang and I ended disappointed as they did not open at morning. Here is how it looks like.

Village Coffee shop not open morning

If you are driving from Penang Ferry to Bayan Lepas direction, you will never miss Village coffee shop which located on the left side. If you been to Mr. Chong Hokkien Mee before, you should not have any issue locating Village Coffee shop. Village is just walking distance from Mr. Chong Hokkien Mee.

Yesterday, I was driving down to the financial area in Georgetown for some banking issue. After resolving it, I have decided to pay for a visit to Village Coffee Shop for it famous Tom Yum Noodle soup. Here is how it looks like when I reached there around 1pm.

Village Coffee shop front view Front view of the coffee shop

Village Coffee Shop Environment

This coffee shop has only 1 occupant, i.e. the Village fish head mee hoon (乡下鱼头米粉). There are around 10 tables with in the coffee shop and 3 out of 10 of it are located outside the coffee shop where the air flow is much better. The remaining was located inside the coffee shop as shown below.

Interrior view of Village Coffee shop Interior view

As you can see, there is no air conditional inside the Village coffee shop and the air flow is bad. You will sweat like hell especially during noon time where the sun is directly on top. I was fortune enough where I sat at the table outside which is much cooler. It is not a good idea to visit Village coffee shop during lunch time for it famous Tom Yum noodle soup as it is too hot and humid. I would recommend that you visit during the night time instead.

dining setting at Village Coffee shop Simple dining setting

The dining table is just some plastic table and metal chair. On top of the dining table, you will found some spices, soya sauce and normal dining utensil.

Does Village coffee shop Tom Yum noodle soup taste good?

I have ordered the Tom Yum noodle soup with 3 topping, whereas my friend has ordered the normal soup based bee hoon with 3 toppings. Here is how the actual product looks like.

Tom Yum Noodle soup at Village Coffee shop

Close uP of Tom Yum Noodle soupTom Yum noodle soup with 3 topping, RM 8

When the Tom Yum noodle soup arrived, I was shocked that the bowl is very big. The diameter of the bowl is around 1 foot.  The tom Yum noodle is topped with some mints leaf and this makes the taste better. The tom yum soup is kind of red but it is not that spicy. It should be suitable to most of the customer.

Normal soup version Village Coffee shop Normal soup version with 3 topping, RM8

The normal version does not taste good. The soup is kind of sweet. You can ignore this.

Loh Bak at Village Coffee shop Deep fried marinated Chinese sausage

The Loh Bak is kind of soft and the skin is not crispy. You can getter better choice at some other place.

Will I come again?

May be; For dinner only. It is too hot during lunch.

Restaurant information:

Name: Village Coffee shop (乡下鱼头米粉)

107A, Pengkalan weld,
10300 Penang

Telephone: Mr. Teh 019-4588693

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 12:00 noon till 11:30pm
Rest on 1st and 15th of Chinese calendar.

Cuisine: Chinese

Homepage: Nil

E-mail:  Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • Serve Tom Yum and normal soup based dishes with lot of topping choices
  • No air conditional, be prepared to sweat
  • You will sweat like hell if you taken the tom Yum noodle soup during lunch time
  • Cost per bowl with 3 topping is RM8, which is kind of expensive.
  • Limited car park
  • no sales tax
GD Star Rating
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  1. I can understand your disappointment. Today when I rounded the corner from Jalan Macalister to go to Prosperous Dimsum for my 3rd and final lunch of their delicious and addictive salted shrimp fried rice I was disappointed to see that they were closed. And, after 2 1/2 weeks of eating delicious Penang food including 30 different hawker dishes I leave early in the morning. I think their salted fried rice will be enough to lure me back to Penang.

    • Hi Russ,

      I am glad that you like Penang Food and enjoying for the pass 2.5 weeks. I believe you will come back to Penang to lure more Penang Food.

      btw, i have been enjoying Penang Food for ~ 5 years and i still havn’t finish all the food choices available…hehe…


  2. I once had the Tom Yum here at night, it was just okay, not really too impressive and i must say that they are pretty expensive, definitely not cheap

    • Hi,
      Yes, it definitely expensive. I remember i ate similar stuff in Perangin Mall, i pay similar price but more topping ( i think double).


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