Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖) Review

Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖) Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

During 2013 Chinese New Year, I found Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)  at Seremban S2; directly in front of Min Kok Dim Sum Restaurant. When you reached the Min Kok restaurant, you will definitely found Mr. Tey and his bicycle that carry the Malt Candy around the Seremban city. Here is how Mr. Tey mobile bicycle looks like.

Mr Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)stall

Simple setting is it? One bicycle, one bowl of malt candy (贵妃糖), and additional 2 selection of pre-pack version, this is all the candy type that Mr. Tey sell. First version is the original taste malt candy (麦芽糖) and the second version is the mint flavor malt candy (薄荷麦芽糖). Each pack is being selling at RM4.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!

I am still  remembering about Mr. Tey malt candy’s famous rhythms. When I was 5 years old and heard the sound of “Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding”; this tells me that Mr. Tey is going to pass by our main entrance soon. All the children nearby will be very excited as we are going to buy  sweets from Mr. Tey.

Mr Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)

Malt candy is normally created in a big chunk size. The main composition of the candy is maltose and sugar. Upon cooling down, it will form a chunk of sugar. It is topped with some white sesame seed and this really makes the candy taste better.

The tools on the right are the hammer and the left one is the cutter. After we have place our order, Mr. Tey will only start working on slicing some small pc from the big block using his unique tools. The slicing process will create the sound of “Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding” when 2 metals are collided. This sweet rhythm will always stay in my memory as it will bring out some of my sweet child hood memories.

We like Mr. Tey as we seldom has any candy during 80’s. At that time, we only has black and white TV which is consider luxury. Nowadays, thing changed pretty fast!! We are using 51” LED TV and black and white TV is an antique already.  Same goes to Mr. Tey’s malt candy. The business is not that good and it is kind of rare to find this malt candy in Penang.

The Good News

Since I am staying in Penang now, I was thinking that  I am out of luck in getting some Mr. Tey malt candy here. . I am pretty sure that Mr. Tey won’t travel up to Penang either just to sell Penang foodies some candy as the petrol cost more than the whole chuck of the malt candy. Besides that, he should be reaching 70+ by now.

Mr Tey knocking on the Malt Candy (贵妃糖)

Well, during the short chat with Mr. Tey, he do passed me 2pc name card. Why?

One of the cards is belonging to his business and the second card is belonging to his son. The story does not end here. His son is staying in Penang. It is not Prai or Kedah or Perak. It is inside the Penang Island! This is really good news to all Penang community!

You will find Mr. Tey’s Son >> Kravin Tey. He will be selling Tey malt candy in most Penang major Chinese festival events.  Kravin has even created a website which is especially dedicated to Malt Candy (贵妃糖). Click here to go to Kravin Site.  If you interested in more details on the story behind the malt candy, I do encourage that you pay a visit to Kravin’s site.

Will I buy from Tey’s Malt Candy (贵妃糖) again ?

Yes. This candy brings out a lot of childhood memory to me.

Contact Information:

Name: 芙蓉邓记叮叮糖 ( Tey Confectionery )

Address: Nil

Tey Kim Hua (邓金华,Father) – 012-6352430
Kravin Tey (邓艺光,Son) – 016-2032377

Opening Hours: Nil

Cuisine: Dessert, Sweet

Homepage: Facebook Page

E-mail:  tey.confectionery@gmail.com

Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • Sell handmade candy (贵妃糖). by Mr. Tey and his son Kravin Tey
  • Rare candy to be find in current market
  • Candy is place on the rear seat of the bicycle. This enables easy transport of candy across the residential area.
  • >50 years old history
  • Highly recommend for all tourist and Penang Foodies to try it if you saw Mr. Kravin Tey bicycle stall

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