Yin Pin Dim Sum Review

Yin Pin Dim Sum Review, 2.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Sunday morning is always interesting for me, where our whole family will go out for breakfast.  Normally, we will go to the restaurant beside Evergreen Hotel, Gurney drive to have our breakfast. Last weekend, we decided to go to Yin Pin Dim Sum (迎宾点心小厨) inside Gurney ABC Food court which was just open on 15 March 2013 and it is slightly near to Gurney Plaza.

Front View of Yin Pin Dim Sum

This big corner shop lot was previously rent by Bali Hai seafood restaurant. But, ever since Bali Hai has moved to the other end, this shop lot has been rented to several owners but the end result is failure.  On March 2013, new player come in, i.e. Yin Pin Dim Sum for the breakfast session.  Below is the front wide angle view.

Scenery out side of Yin Pin Dim Sum

Yin Pin is located along Persiaran Gurney or so called Gurney drive in English. If you are standing in front of the restaurant, you can actually see the long stretch of seaside of Gurney. Upon you walk into Gurney ABC food court, here is what you will see.

Interior of Yin Pin Dim Sum

Since Yin Pin has just open for business and this is the first weekend where the real business coming in. From above picture, you can see that the restaurant is nearly full house @ 10am Sunday.  Yin Pin only serve for from 7am till 3pm. During lunch and dinner time, this is actually a food court which serves up till 30 stalls that serves different variety.

Yin Pin dining environment

Gurney ABC Food court has high ceiling and multiple of ceiling fan that help to circulate the air around. Inside the food court, you will not feel hot even though it is pack with customer. Most of  the table is kind of large with center section cover by metal. Why? Well, the table is design for steam boat. In other word, this kind of table is not suitable for dining as you will face difficulty to get dishes. There are no rotary table tops and you will have difficulty to get the dishes.

Getting the Yin Pin Dim Sum

Yin Pin Dim Sum provides self service type of counter arrangement. You will need to go to the dim sum table, queue up before you can get the dishes.  This system only works if you have queuing guard that guides the customer to the counter. Most of the time, you will found that some of the customer is not queuing at all, they will just walk to empty space near the counter and get the dishes that they need. As a result, the system failed and the customer who queues for it will get angry.  I am one of the victim … aik..

Does Yin Pin Dim Sum taste good?

Below is the dim sum that I have ordered.

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 2

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 3 Shrimp roll – The roll is too thick and is stuff with minced pork. It is not crispy as well. Yin Pin will need to improve on this.

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 4

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 5 When I get the dishes, it is already cool upon it arrived to our table

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 6

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 7

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 8

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 9

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 10

Variety of Yin Pin Dim Sum 11

Yin Pin Egg tart Dim Sum Egg Tart, the skin is not crispy

Overall, Yin Pin Dim Sum is below average. Most common problem is the pastry skin is not crispy and lags of strong flavor which I like. There are lot of variety, dishes  presentation is simple and price is not so expensive;   but too bad,  none of them suite my taste. The queuing and purchasing process is screw up in the first week end and I do hope that they can improve the system and taste in order to gain back the customer as a return customer.

Will I come again?

Yes, everybody has second chances. If there are no improvements at all, that will be the end to Yin Pin Dim Sum Restaurant.  I do hope that Yin Pin able to success here where previous owners is not successful and ending with losing situation.

Restaurant information:

RestoranYin Pin Dim Sum (PG0317223-W)
黄敬富 (Helen)
104, Gurney Drive,
10250 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang.
Business Hours : 7am – 3pm

Click here for map.

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Located in strategic  and happening location i.e. Gurney Drive
  • Just started business on 15 March 2013
  • Big food courts with great air circulation. You won’t feel hot inside the food court
  • Common self services Dim Sum stall, where you will have to get the dishes from the counter.
  • Lot of Dim Sum variety but the taste is not strong. I prefer stronger taste
  • Table is too big and not so suitable Yin Pin’s business. The table is design for steamboat.
  • No proper queuing system, customer can cut queue any time.
  • Lot of improvement is needed to order to capture the customer to return again.
  • Limited car park, you can only park along the road side.

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  1. Foods looked normal to me, businesses keep changing for this place, heard that it was due to feng shui problem

  2. Hi Wong,

    Thank you for the detail review, really appreciate it :) keep up the good work :)

    never fancy “self-serviced” kind of eatery, prefer to have them serve the food rather than us going for them, this ain’t America !! haha

    happy blogging !

    • Allan,
      Thanks you for your support !! Yes, i will continue blogging. I passion to food and it help me to exercise my mind. Do join the newsletter so that you can get the latest news.

      Btw, i do hope Yin Pin Dim Sum will get the input and success there. Multiple owner was there but none of them success. Some said is fung shui, but i don’t agree. Passion to create good food will definitely draw customer as return. Same concept applied in Bali Hai which is just walking distance away, if Bali Hai can success, So do Yin Pin.


      • Thank you. I will certainly improve the quality of the food. As for the pic of the shrimp roll, I am afraid it is a pork roll! :) I am afraid
        we have no control over the tables as we rent the place from Gurney ABC. Thank you so much for the tips. Well noted.

        • Hi Helen,
          I am glad that Yin Pin listen to user and improve on the food quality. I believe Yin Pin will success in near future!
          I am a regular customer, will update the post if the food quality improved.
          Btw, do improve on the queuing system during taking the Dim Sum. No body like being cut queue and customer get frustrated fast.


  3. BTW, queuing system will in place from tomorow onwards.

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