Mr. Pot Cafe Review

Mr. Pot Cafe Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Looking for a café that run 24hrs a day? This should not be a big problem in Penang as you will always found lot of Nasi Kandar restaurant. Hey, I believe you have been bored with Nasi Kandar right? Well, here I would like to introduce Mr. Pot Café to you and it run 24 hrs a day.

Mr Pot Cafe run 24hrs

The best thing of all, it serves variety of food likes noodles, sandwiches, porridge, rice, Japanese Bento and western food. In short, it has lot of variety and you will need to try it yourself.

Mr. Pot Café Environment

Mr. Pot Café is strategically located along  Jalan Persiaran Gurney, or so called “Gurney Drive”. If you have been to Yin Pin Dim Sum, Mr. Pot Café is just walking distance from there. Mr. Pot is an open air café, where it does not provide air conditioned environment. The best time where you should drop by Mr. Pot café is after dinner for supper or early morning for breakfast as the ambient temperature is still cool.

When is the best time to visit Mr. Pot Café? I personally likes the morning environment, where you able to enjoy the sunrise and mild cold wind blowing from the shore. Mr. Pot provide the dining setting that made from Natural Rotan, you should able to sit comfort and read the newspaper Beside this, there are lesser car passing by Gurney Drive during morning session when compare to night session. You get better air without pollution and you will definitely enjoy the environment there.

Scenery from Mr Pot Cafe

If you plan to go to Mr. Pot for breakfast, I am pretty sure you will able to found the café as the café has a big sign board. The front view of the café is as shown below.

Front View of Mr Pot Cafe

It is located beside Bali Hai Seafood restaurant, Gurney palace condominium and Millennium Tower. If you still failed to found it, just look for these landmarks.

Does Mr. Pot Café’s food taste good?

I have ordered below items for breakfast; Tuna sandwich for me and nasi lemak chicken rendang for my wife. As for the drink, I have ordered the Mr. Pot White Coffee which is specially brewed by the owner.

Mr Pot Cafe Tuna Sandwich

The tuna sandwich is truly a healthy breakfast but it come with a high price tag of RM6. This is definitely an overpriced sandwich as I can get better quality sandwich from subway that only cost RM6.30. Subway breakfast  come with free drink and an additional egg inside the sandwich as well. So which sandwich to choose? Don’t tell me ok.

Mr Pot Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang

The Nasi lemak cost me RM9 and it is quiet competitive to old town version. I like both of them! Mr. Pot’s nasi lemak is taste better and it is more fragrance. The curry is nice but the fried anchovies are not on par to the  dishes. It actually spoils the dishes. If possible, they should leverage the fried anchovies from Amy Nasi Lemak which is high in quality and cost RM1 per pack.
Mr Pot White Coffee

The Tuna Sandwich cost me RM6 but the white coffee only cost me RM 2 instead of RM4.You are entitle for this package deal from 6am to 6pm for various dishes likes breakfast, sandwich, toast, noodle, rice and porridge as shown in below menu.

Mr Pot Cafe Menu 3View in full resolution Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3

Will I come again?

Yes, this place is best for a breakfast due to it great scenery along Gurney Drive even though the price tag is on the high side,

Restaurant information:

Name: Mr. Pot Café

124-C, Gurney Drive,
10250 Georgetown, Penang

Telephone: 04-2288303

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 24:00 hours

Cuisine: Western Food, Breakfast

Homepage: Mr Pot Facebook Page


>>> Map <<<

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Great Scenery along Gurney Drive to enjoy sunrise.
  • Serves variety type of dishes and drinks that suit majority community.
  • Price is comparable to competition likes Old Town and Subway.
  • Open air environment, no air conditioning.
  • Free WIFI
  • Limited parking

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