5 Famous Penang Desserts

Penang is famous for its food, and where I have previously recommended My Top 5 Penang foods that includes where to find the best char koay teow, hokkien mee and laksa in Penang, in this post I will showcase 5 famous Penang desserts and where you can find them:


Dessert 1  >> Cendol

Cendol is one of Penang’s most famous desserts, which is a bowl of shaved-ice with syrup made from brown coconut sugar and filled with kidney beans and green worm-like jelly which we called Cendol. Cendol can be found all over Penang, but the most well-known is at Penang Road’s Famous Cendol stall. Though it is very popular and touristy, as a local I highly recommend this Penang dessert as the portion is just the right size for a quick snack in the middle of a hot day. This dessert will definitely cool you down. The shaved-ice and syrup also have an extremely smooth and creamy consistency.

Find this Famous Penang Dessert at: Lebuh Kweng Kee, Off Penang Road

Ais kacang

Dessert 2 >> Ais Kacang  (or ABC)

Ais kacang is another famous Penang dessert. Similar to the cendol, ice kacang is shaved-ice mixed with evaporated milk, rose syrup and brown sugar syrup. Underneath the mountain of ice are kidney beans, sweet corn, Attap seeds, grass jelly and more jelly. My favorite place to eat ais kacang is at New World Park on Swatow Lane. They serve it with vanilla ice cream and when both the ice-cream and shaved-ice have melted, you have a delicious syrup drink to slurp off your bowl.

Find this Famous Penang Dessert at: New World Park, Lorong Swatow

Kuih talam

Dessert 3 >> Kuih Talam

Kuih talam is one of my favourite nyonya kuihs, a traditional Peranakan dessert that can be found in Penang, Melaka and Singapore. Nyonya kuihs come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, but are usually sticky and made of glutinous rice flour. Kuih talam dessert is a simple green and white kuih, and my favourite place to purchase these little delights is at a soybean store opposite Hamid Khan School in Island Glades.

Find this Famous Penang Dessert at: Ti Shen Fresh Soya Bean and Beancurd, 2 Lorong Delima 6, Taman Island Glades

Putu mayam

Dessert 4 >> Putu Mayong

Putu mayong, also known as putu mayam, is a South Indian dessert made of rice flour strings and sprinkled with lots of coconut shavings and palm sugar. The vermicelli-like dish is made from rice flour dough mixed with coconut milk and pressed through a sieve. One of my favourite places to buy putu mayong is from the street seller at Pulau Tikus Market. I highly recommend eating this Tamil dessert fresh and hot on the spot, because by the time you take it home, the packet will get soggy from the condensation.

Find this Famous Penang Dessert at: Pulau Tikus Market, Jalan Cantonment

Apom balik

Dessert 5 >> Apom

Apom, also known apong, is a sweet Indian pancake that come in two types – apom manis and apom balik. The best apoms are crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. My favourite place for apom manis is at Jelutong Market, which comes in two flavours – banana or sweet corn. An extremely famous apom seller in Penang is Apong Guan, a man with a stall outside Union Primary School on Burma Road. His pancakes are apparently so good that visitors from Kuala Lumpur will order them by the hundreds.

Find this Famous Penang Dessert at: Jelutong Market, Jalan Penaga

Images credit to Icemoon, @withcuriosity, babe_kl, boo_licious and cumi&ciki under the Creative Commons License.

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