Passage Thru India Restaurant Review

Passage Thru India Restaurant Review, 3.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Passage Thru India Restaurant is located at hillside, Tanjong Tokong, Penang. It occupies the shop lot which previously was the Famous Karaikudi Indian restaurant.  If you been to Gusto Café, you can found this restaurant easily.  It is just walking distance from Gusto Café and it is located on the same row with Domino’s Pizza and Ingolf’s Kneipe German restaurant.

Passage Thru India

Here is the front view of Passage Thru India restaurant. From the outside, you can feel that this is a well organized and decorated Indian restaurant.

Passage Thru India

Passage Thru India Environment

Upon you walk into the Passage Thru India restaurant, you will feel that it has well decorated dining hall. It can serve up till 60 customers.  The dining environment is clean and tidy but the overall environment is kind of dim. Below is the picture taken within the restaurant; the picture is kind of overexposed.

Passage Thru India

The Menu

Pasage Thru India menu is kind of simple,  FULL of wording, WELL categorized but NO picture. The pricing is clearly label and you will need to spend some time to read the menu.  I don’t like this menu as it does not have any picture. Beside the dishes’ name, there are some remarks there that tell which dishes are recommended.

***  (3 star) Chef Recommendation

***** (5 star) highly recommended

You can skip the chef recommendation and straight looks for the 5 star recommendations to order your dishes. This will keep the ordering simple.

Passage Thru India

Beside the main menu, they also come with some set lunch menu. Here is the set lunch banner located outside passage thru India restaurant.

Passage Thru India

Does Passage Thru India’s food taste good?

I have ordered the Dhum Briyani set lunch for me and Tandoori set lunch for my wife. Both of the set does not come with any drink except warm water. So, I have no choice but to order the Masala tea and Great Indian coffee. Here is how the set and drinks look like.

Passage Thru IndiaDhum Briyani set – RM 14

The Dhal Briyani set comes with hydrabad chicken briyani, uralai varuval, bagara baigon, mixed raita, salad, papad and one scoop of ice cream. Well, after you read thru what I have written above which I copy directly from the menu, do you understand what is it? Sincerely speaking, I am not an Indian or an expert in English. I don’t know what it is all about. I only know the chicken briyani and ice cream. haha.

Urulai Varuval  : is the fried potato on the center bottom
Mixed Raita : Indian salad with yogurt dressing, center top, the bowl with white paste
Bagara Baigon: eggplants flavored with sesame and peanuts cooked in a tangy tamarind gravy, the metal bowl.
Papad : papadam, They called it as papad in north India.
Salad : one pc of carrot, cucumber and some onion
Dhal: The yellow bean paste on the left.

After I did some study in Wiki, now I know what it is. Among all the side dishes, I only like the papad and urulai varuval mainly because it is fried potato and stir fried with some dried chili. I like spicy!!

The hyrabad briyani chicken is located at the center. It is the briyani rice and chicken topped with a half boiled egg. The chicken taste good but the rice is kind of disappointed. They did not use the briyani rice which is long and thin where can found in Kapitan, Penang.

Passage Thru IndiaTandoori Set – RM 14

The tandoori set come with a piece of tandoori chicken, 2 pc of mini plain naan, dhal tadka, mixed raita, salad, papad and one scoop of ice cream.  The side dishes is similar to the Dhum  Briyani set except it come with a mint type of sauce ( middle left).  The tandoori chicken is lagging some taste and they need some improvement. The mint sauce is good when dip with the tandoori chicken.

Passage Thru IndiaMasala Tea / Great Indian Coffee ; RM5.50 each

We have ordered the Masala tea and the great Indian Coffee.  Masala tea comes with strong Indian Chai black tea taste. Highly recommended but not all customer like it due to strong taste. I ordered the great Indian coffee and putting high hope on this due to its name, but it turns out to be very disappointed. It tasted exactly the same like Nescafe and I paid RM 5.50 for it.

Passage Thru India

The set does come with a scoop of ice cream. It is place on top of a metal cup. I have no complaint on the ice cream.

Will I come again?

I might come again to Passage Thru Indai as it is near to my house. Alternate choice to Passage thru India is the d’tandoor in Precinct 10.  If I serious about Indian Food, I will prefer to go to Karaikudi or Kapitan at downtown. it is just taste better!

Restaurant Information:

Name: Passage Thru India Restaurant

No. 1K, Jalan Sungai Kelian,
Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Penang, Malaysia

Telephone:  04-8996466 or manager -Sudheer- 0175437166  *

Open hours:
Sun – Mon: 11:30am till 03:00am
Sun – Mon: 06:30pm till 11:00p

Cuisine : Indian


>> Map <<

Passage Thru India Homepage

Provide service likes : parties, group functions, wedding, outdoor, catering, theme dinners, live music and special entertainment show.

* Updated on 15 Aug 2014

Best Penang Food’s Editor Review:

  • New branches open in Tanjong Bungah area replacing Karaikudi Indian restaurant
  • Serve authentic Indian food
  • Clean dining environment
  • Well decorated dining environment with fully air conditioned
  • Simple menu but no picture. Hard to order if you are not Indian
  • Great Indian coffee but taste like Nescafe
  • Lot of parking outside the restaurant
  • No government tax but come with 10% service tax.
  • Private VIP room is available
  • Halal restaurant

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  1. wow, staying so far away, prices seemed okay for me, any taxes or service charges?

  2. for indian food, Sri ananda is the best just near this restaurant, go down from the Petron the petrol station

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