Ho Ping Pork Porridge Review

Ho Ping Pork Porridge Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Want to get porridge for dinner or supper?  My friend John has just introduced me a new place to get good pork porridge at Ho Ping café  along Lorong Kampung Malabar.  Here is how is the actual stall looks likes.

Location of Pork porridge Ho Ping

The pork porridge stall is actually located outside of Ho Ping Café. If you look from far end, you may not know what does this stall is selling; but, only the local known the best from Penang food.

Pork porridge Ho Ping stall

Sincerely speaking, if this is not introduced by John. I don’t think I will ever found this stall. There is no stall name on it and the sign board in red is just incomplete. Even the local like me will have difficulty to read the sign board. All the wording had already dropped off from the red sign board.

If you are a tourist, just tell the boss that you need pork porridge.

sign board of Pork porridge Ho Ping

Ho Ping Pork Porridge environment

Since this pork porridge is consider as hawker stall, you can either choose to dine along the road side or dine inside the Ho Ping Café. For us, the local foodies, we will definitely choose to dine along the road side as the environment is cooler due to open space. Here is how John looks like.

Pork porridge Ho Ping dining locationMr. John wearing grey T-shirt

Most of the Penang people like to dine along the road side mainly due to cool environment. You known… Malaysia is a hot and humid country. The table setting is kind of simple using the plastic table, chair and even the dining utensil.

Pork porridge Ho Ping utensil

How does the Ho Ping Pork Porridge taste?

We have ordered 2 bowl of hot porridge that come with lot of ingredients. Each bowl of the pork porridge cost RM 7.50.  Here is how the actual porridge looks like.

Pork porridge Ho Ping

From above picture, you can see that the pork porridge come with an egg and some pork livers topped with some onion’s leaf flake. There are a lot more ingredients inside, let check out the ingredient in the following pictures.

Pork porridge Ho Ping 3

Pork porridge Ho Ping 4Pork livers

Pork porridge Ho Ping 5

Pork porridge Ho Ping with minced meatMinced pork

Pork porridge Ho Ping with pork sausagePork intestine

There are lot of pork spare part (innards) inside the porridge and this make the entire dish different. There are no pork smells and all the part is well prepared and it is fresh. This Ho Ping pork porridge is really tastes good and you should try it.

Will I come again?

Yes, definitely! it really taste good. This will be a great place for supper!

Stall information

Name: Ho Ping Pork porridge

Address:  Lorong Kampung Malabar, Penang.

Telephone: Nil

Open hours: Friday- Wed: 06:00pm till 00:00am

Cuisine : Porridge

>>> Map  <<<

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Local Penang Hawker food
  • Serve pork porridge and  pork noodles
  • Not halal
  • Lot of parking at night time.
  • Incomplete sign board, you may not know what they sell if you are not introduce by local
  • Value for money, there are lots of pork innards inside.
  • Great taste, No MSG,  highly recommended.

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  1. Hi Wong,

    Fully agree, they serve the best pork porridge in this world :)

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