Les Memoires Bistro Review

Les Memoires Bistro Review, 3.8 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Les Memoires is closed ! Seem like fine dining with low price tag just does not work ! or there is any other reason, do let me know!

“Les Memoires” means “The Memories” in English.  Does it really leave strong memories after you dining in Les Memoires Bistro?

Les Memoires Bistro logo

Les Memoires is located in corner of Loke Thye Kee building which was just restored on year 2012. Les Memoires Bistro opens to business on 1st Jan 2013. At the time I wrote this review, this Les Memoires bistro is already half a year old. Here is how it looks like.

Les Memoires Bistro at Loke Tye Kee Building

Les Memoires only occupied the right corner on the lower ground floor. The total floor space is around 900sq. ft. at most. You can enter thru the front door which is pointed by the red arrow or you can choose to enter from the side door which is on the far right of the building. Here is how the side door looks like.

Les Memoires Bistro Front view

There is no parking in front of the Les Memoires bistro; if you plan to go to the restaurant, you will need to park your car at Jalan Pee Choon and Jalan Khoo Sian Ewe which is near the police station.

parking map for Les Memoires bistro

Les Memoires Bistro Environment

From the side door entrance picture above, you can guess that the interior dining environment is more toward natural where the table and chair is made of natural lodge. Here is how the interior view of it.

Les Memoires Bistro Interior view 2

The dining area for Les Memoires bistro is divided to 3 major areas. First section is the dining at outside the bistro as shown in the exterior view picture above. The second section is dining in the main dining area as shown above. The third is dining beside Kitchen where Chef Aames  was preparing it dishes. In the third dining area, it can occupy a big group of customer of 8 in one table. Below picture shown the third section of the dining area.

Les Memoires Bistro interior view

Les Memoires bistro Menu

Les Memoires bistro menu is kind of simple and it is only consist of one sheet of menu with both sides being printed with the menu items. It split into 6 sections and each section has around 5 to 6 items for you to choose. There is no picture on the menu; you will need to read the wording carefully before ordering.

Les Memoires Bistro menu 1View the full size menu, Here and Here

How does the food taste?

Les Memoires bistro try to promote its bistro by providing a 50% voucher in living social website. As the deal is good, I have purchase the living social 50% promotion where I only paid RM30 for RM60 cash voucher. I brought a total of 2 vouchers and I use it on 2 different days. Here is what I ordered during the last 2 dining at the bistro.

As a started, you will be served with some bun as shown below. You do not need to order this. It is free of charge.

Les Memoires Bistro Buns

I have ordered and tried below items during my past 2 visit.

Wild mushroom cappuccino serve with mushroom powderand creamy foam

Wild mushroom cappuccino serves with mushroom powder and creamy foam. The soup is creamy and mushroom taste is strong. Recommend to try this.

Linguine Prawn serve with asparagus,cherry tomato and chili flake at  Les Memoires Bistro

Linguine prawn serves with asparagus, cherry tomato, and chili flakes. It cost RM19.50. The taste is great as I like spicy; but due to the chili flake, this dishes might not suitable for children as it is a little bit spicy.

Loin of lamb roulade serve with jack fruit salsa, balsamic reduction crispy potato at Les Memoires Bistro

Lion of lamb roulade serve with jack fruit, salsa, and balsamic reduction crispy potato. This dish cost RM25. The lamb is sandwich between the jack fruit and the crispy potato. The lamb is juicy and it does not have the smell of the lamb meat. The jack fruit is sweet and the potato slide is crispy. When all three items combine together; it really tastes good. Among all the dishes I tried, I really encourage you to try this dish if you likes lamb.

Roulade of chicken serve with lyonnaise potato and dice vegetables with natural jus at Les Memoires Bistro

Roulade of chicken serves with Lyonnais potato and dice vegetable with natural juice. This is nice but the Chef Weng is better, but too bad, Chef Weng has closed.

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese ravioli serve with pomodoro sauce at Les Memoires Bistro

Spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli serve with pomodoro sauce. The ravioli was freshly made by Chef Aames in the kitchen and this is my wife’s favorite. I am not a big fan in ravioli.   To explain this dish in simple form, it is like a big curry pop with vegetable filler surrounded by pomodoro sauce and topped with ricotta cheese. If you like Italian food, you should try this.

Plain Cheese Pizza at Les Memoires Bistro

Close up on Plain Cheese Pizza at Les Memoires Bistro

Plain cheese pizza which is off the menu and customize for us. It cost RM15.50; this is my children’s favorite. We actually ordered 2 of these as my children love it. The first pizza is kind of overcooked where you can see the cheese and the bottom of the bread is toasted black. We have feedback to Chef Aames and the second plain cheese pizza actually come out in great shape.

Tiramisu at Les Memoires Bistro

The last item that we order is the tiramisu dessert. This cost us RM8. This tiramisu is not that good and it is far from good. The best one I ever tried is in The view restaurant. the base of the tiramisu should have the bread finger that soak with alcohol topped with the cheese cake. The top of the cake should come with some bitter sweet coco powder. when all these 3 items combine together, it delivers a great taste of combination of alcohol, cheese and bitter sweet chocolate taste.

Will I come again?

Les Memoires Bistro logo 2

Yes, definitely. The food in Les Memoires Bistro taste is good and the price is reasonable. If you look closely, all the dishes are well decorated and the portion is small. This is some sort of fine dining class of food but in the lower price region. If you are tight in budget but want to try out some fine dining, may be you can tried out a 4 course meal in Les Memoires Bistro. It does give a great dining memories to be remembered.

About Chef Aames Ang

Young entrepreneur chef which graduated from Australia and return to Penang on 2012 to start off the Les Memoires Bistro.  As of the time I wrote this review, Les Memoires bistro is a 2 man shown business where chef Aames is the master chef in the kitchen whereas his mother will taking care the entire dining area and drink. You will expect to wait for a while before being served as lag of worker there.

Chef Aames and Best Penang Food editor

Restaurant information:

Name: Les Memoires Bistro Penang

The Loke Thye Kee Building
lot No. 2, 2A & 2B, Jalan Burma
10050 Georgetown, Penang.

Telephone: Aames Ang  016-4619894 or 04-2613120

Open hours: Mon- Sun: 11:30am till 11:00pm

Cuisine : Western Food

Email: aames_ang@gmail.com

>>> Map <<<

Best Penang Food editor’s review

  • Fully air conditioned interior dining environment
  • Simple dining place with the main theme of natural log
  • 2 man show bistro which handle by mother and son
  • Service response will be slower as limiter work force
  • Food tasted great and the price is reasonable.
  • All the dishes is well decorated but the portion is small.
  • Fine dining class of food where you should order 2 to 4 dishes here to enjoy it.
  • Clean environment
  • Limited seat, the most it can only handle 30 customer at one time
  • No parking at the front of restaurant, you will need to park near the police station
  • No government tax but it has 10% service charges

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