Tan Jetty Thai Food Review

Tan Jetty Thai Food Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Looking for some Thai food restaurant in fishing village style? It is kind of hard to find it in Penang and as of my knowledge, we only has one Thai food restaurant that matched this criterion. I.e. Tan Jetty Thai Food restaurant along Tan Jetty Weld Quay Penang. Here is how the actual restaurant looks likes.

Tan Jetty Thai Food wide view

In order to reach the restaurant, you will need to look for Xen Teck Café along Weld Quay road, and then turn into the junction beside the café.

You will need to drive till the end of the road where you will see this parking area which specially made for the Tan Jetty’s customer. After you have parked the car, just walk toward left hand side and you will found the restaurant.

Tan Jetty Thai Food Carpark

Tan Jetty Thai Food Environment

The restaurant is build on top of multiple concrete pillars with fully wood structure as the restaurant structure. You will need to walk on the wooden platform and you will hear the wood stress sound that sound likes zhzh..kek. zhhz.. kek….If you are not used to this, you may feel uncomfortable.

Tan Jetty Thai Food front view

The dining setting is simple but clean. It comes with some wooden table and some plastic chair. It is an open air with no air conditional. If you feel hot, you will need to switch on the fan.


The view from the restaurant is marvelous! You will found a fishing village on your left hand side and a long walk way to the hut located in the middle. If you look closer, it is not a hut but a temple. While waiting for the food to arrived, I do suggest that you walk to the temple and perform praying to the Ma Zhu (媽祖) temple.

View from Tan Jetty Thai Food Original size

Here is another wide angle view at the mid span of the walk way.

Mid span view Tan Jetty Thai Food Original size

Tan Jetty Thai Food Menu

The menu is kind of simple that only consist of one laminated sheet. All the dishes come with clear photo, name, price  and it number. The owner of this Tan Jetty Thai Food is not a Malaysian, they are Thai. You may face difficulty in performing ordering due to language barrier. What you need to do is to point at the photo or number to make the order.

Tan Jetty Thai Food menu 1View original size

Tan Jetty Thai Food Menu 2View original size

Does the Tan Jetty Thai Food taste good?

Here is what we have ordered.

Tan Jetty Thai Food Tom Yam KongTom Yam Seafood – RM20

Tan Jetty Thai Food Seafood tom yam

Tan Jetty Thai Food Sweet and spicy chickenSweet and spicy Chicken – RM 12

Tan Jetty Thai Food Belacan Kang Kong Stir fried Belacan Kang Kong – RM6

Tan Jetty Thai Food Fried Kang KongCrispy Vegetable (Kang Kong) – RM6

Tan Jetty Thai Food Pandan chickenFried Pandan chicken -RM8 , 4pcs

We have ordered 6 dishes for a group of 5. The dishes is small and it is kind of not sufficient for all of us. If you plan to go there, you should order dishes using this formula :  2 x number of participants. A group of 5 will need to order 10 dishes. You may consider 2 sets of fried pandan chicken and vegetable as it cost less than 10 ringgit per dishes.

Overall, the taste of the dishes is above normal. All the dishes were cooked by Thai chef and it do taste good. It has strong taste and delivers authentic Thai styled food. You will not have any complaint on the dishes quality.

Btw, the receipt is all written in Thai language as shown below.


Will I come again?

Yes, I will.

Restaurant information:

Name: Tan Jetty Thai Food

Address: 97A, Tan Jetty Weld Quay, 10300, Penang

Telephone: Lee Lang 014-9071808 ; Peng 016-4618339

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00am till 2:30pm ; 5:00pm till 10:00pm ; close on every month first and third Tuesday

Cuisine: Thai, Chu Char

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review

  • Fishing Village style restaurant
  • Food is prepared and cooked by Authentic Thai Chef
  • Strong taste that meet my expectation.
  • Price is reasonable cheap
  • Dishes size is kind of small, you may need to order more dishes. You can try more Thai dishes in each dining.
  • No government and service tax
  • Free of charge car park
  • No WIFI

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  1. Hi Wong,

    thanks for the recommendation :) the place looks pretty cool :)


  2. I have heard of this place but i heard the hygiene problem is disturbing and the quality deteriorated since few years back (a friend of mine used to be their regular), i might make a trip to there though :]

    • Hi, Ken,

      We will need to compare apple to apple. The dining area hygiene is consider ok for fishing village style restaurant. The sea is polluted, i did not count that into the hygiene consideration as it is generic across the Tan Jetty.


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