Prima Tanjung Assam Laksa Stall Review

Prima Tanjung is quiet a famous place to get some good food and fruit to fill up your stomach. I like Prima Tanjung as it is near to where I stay. This is always my first destination when I want to get something to eat. Today, I am going to share with you the Assam Laksa stall that located in front of Prima Tanjung.  Here is how the Assam Laksa stall looks like.

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall with charcoal

Prima Tanjung Assam Laksa Stall environment

This mobile laksa stall is located in front of prima tanjung shop lot. It is attached beside to the soya bean stall. The Customer is will enjoy the soya bean drink and the assam laksa there. What so special about this stall?

Well, If you look at the above picture, you can choose to dine at the table behind the mobile stall or stand along the road to eat. For me, I prefer to stand beside the stall and enjoy the food. Beside the dining environment,  It just tasted better.

What does the stall sell?

It is simple! This stall sells assam laksa.

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall


The assam laksa is kept in the metal jug and it is kept hot using charcoal as burning fuel as shown below.

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall getting the soup

Beside the assam laksa, you can add on some of it famous fried stuff to it. On the other side, you can choose not to have the noodle but just the add on and the assam laksa soup alone.  For me, I choose the second solution where I consume the fried stuff with the assam Laksa soup. Here is the famous fried stuff that he sells.

Fried Taufu Prima Tanjung StallFried prawn cracker RM0.80 each

Spring roll Prima Tanjung Stall Fried spring roll and bean curd RM0.80 each

Does the food taste good?

I have ordered  one fried spring roll, one fried bean curd and one prawn cracker. Upon ordered, the owner will start to prepare the food.

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall preparing food

According to the Indian owner, all the food ingredient is getting from his boss. His role is just to sell the food and earn from the delta of the raw material cost.  All of items is placed in the bowl and swamped with assam laksa soup as shown below.

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall food

Assam Laksa Prima Tanjung Stall food 2

The fried stuff is being soaked in the assam laksa soup and it does improve the taste. The assam laksa soup is sour and hot. The fried stuff is crunchy and it had absorbed the taste from the soup. You can enjoy the crispiness from the fried stuff while enjoy the sour and hot taste of the assam laksa. It really tastes good! One bowl is just not enough!

Will I come again?

Yes, definitely!

Stall information:

Name: Indian Assam Laksa

Address: Prima Tanjung, Penang

Telephone: Nil

Opening Hours: Sun – Mon   12: 30pm tills 6:30pm

Cuisine: Indian, assam laksa

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review

  • Great place to get some assam laksa noodle
  • Charcoal as main fuel for keeping the soup in hot condition.
  • variety of add on fried stuff that can be mix with the assam laksa soup.
  • simple dining area, either on the small table or stand beside the mobile stall
  • Hawker stall hygiene level, you may need to close one eye.
  • No government or service tax
  • Open everyday

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  1. is it previously called “Fima Plaza” ?

    nice post !

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