Crepe Cottage Review

Crepe Cottage Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

One of me and my wife’s favorite place for dinner or supper at Penang was going to Crepe Cottage at  Gurney Drive (Persiaran Gurney), Penang. The restaurant is located on a small bungalow along Gurney Drive.  Even thought that you pass by Gurney Drive in daily matter, you may not found this little place as it does not have a big sign board that tell you that the bungalow is a restaurant. Here is how the actual look of the restaurant.

Crepe Cottage front view

Crepe Cottage’s Environment

Do you know why you can’t spot the restaurant during the day time? Crepe Cottage only open on 6:30pm till midnight, that why you may not able to spot this restaurant if you only passed by during working hours. It is located beside the Coffee Island.

When you have arrived to the Crepe Cottage, you can either choose to sit in the air conditioned environment which is inside the restaurant or you can choose to sit outside the restaurant as shown above. For me, I would choose the outside as it is windy and you can watch how the chef prepares the dishes.

Crepe Cottage kitchen

The setting of the dining environment is relative simple. It comes with some plastic chairs and tables.  The hygiene level around the dining area is acceptable. It is not super clean  but you can actually feel that you are dining on the home’s garden.

Crepe Cottage’s Menu

Crepe Cottage Menu

The menu is kind of simple too; even a small boy can order the dishes. The menu has full of images and the name of the dishes.  What you need to do is to point your finger to the picture, and then you are ready.


They come with some theme dishes for lovely couple with heart shape crepe as well!!  For those who still enjoying their couple life, this is a place where you should go. The price is reasonable and it is clearly label on the menu.

Does the Crepe taste good?

We always ordered the Mango crepe and the apple crepe. Here is how the actual dishes look like.

Apple crepe at Crepe CottageApple Crepe – RM9

Picture above shown the apple crepe; Inside the crepe, it is full of  ice cream. It is topped with some grilled apple slides mixed with some syrup sauce.  The grilled apple is hot but the ice cream is cool, this makes the dishes unique.

Mango crepe at Crepe CottageMango Crepe – RM 10

Picture above shown the Mango Crepe. They use the crepe and wrapped inside with some mango slide and topped with some peanut flakes and a big scope of ice cream. This is my wife favorite as the ice cream is really nice and the mango is sweet too.  When you mixed all these 3 together, this is really nice! Highly recommended. If you haven’t tried it, please go and order one from the Crepe Cottage.

Teh Tarik at Crepe Cottage Teh Tarik

Well, when you have the dessert, it is always good to have the Tea Tarik as a drink of the day. It has strong tea aroma and it do worth RM4 + per cup.

Will I come again?

Yes, I will.

Restaurant information:

Name: Crepe Cottage

Address: 77-A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia

Telephone: 019-4481680

Opening Hours: Wed – Mon, 6:30pm tills 12 midnight

Cuisine: American, crepe

Homepage:  Facebook page


Best Penang Food Editor’s review

  • Best crepe in Penang town  ** must try  **
  • Located in popular tourism place, Gurney drive
  • Small residential house which converted for commercial used
  • Acceptable hygiene
  • Simple dining set
  • A place must go during the monsoon season where you can enjoy the crepe and the windy environment
  • Reasonable price.
  • No Tax or service charge
  • Limited parking

Other resources:

You can find more on Crepe Cottage info  fellow blogger below as well.

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  1. Yea, their crepe’s good and one shall not miss their Mango Ice Cream too, but i’ll skip on the teh tarik though :p

  2. Nice pictures and write up. The pancakes are one of the best in Penang, thats why they have been around for so many years.
    thanks for visiting my blog too but something went wrong I was not able to reply comment there nor see where it went after I approved the comment.

    • Hi, Sue,

      It is actually unique in Penang. I can’t think of any other place in Penang that have similar dishes. I like their Mango ice cream, really nice.


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