De Tai Tong Dim Sum Review

De Tai Tong Dim Sum Review, 4.9 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

De Tai Tong Café (大东酒楼) is located in Cintra Street, Penang and it is specialized in Dim Sum. On 16th September 2013, which is 3 days before the Mid-Autumn Festival; me, my kid and my wife was set for another food hunt in Penang downtown for dinner.  We were planning to go for Char Koay Kak at Jalan Burmah but it is closed. So we decide to go to De Tai Tong Café for some Dim Sum. Here is how the actual look of the café.

De Tai Tong Cafe

Since it is near to the Mid-Autumn Festival, De Tai Tong Café is setting up a moon cake stall in front of it café to sell the moon cake.

De Tai Tong Moon Cake stall

The stall sell moon cakes as well as variety of lanterns.

De Tai Tong Moon Cake

De Tai Tong Café Environment

Upon you walking into the De Tai Tong café, you will found that the dining environment is simply amazing. Here is how it is looks like.

De Tai Tong Dining Environment 3

It is nearly full house, and you will have difficulty to find a place for dinner. The table and chair setting is simple and similar to other Chinese owned restaurant. The unique part of this restaurant is the lanterns. The restaurant’s roof is full of lantern; it is really gives a full felling of the Mid-Autumn festival.

De Tai Tong Dining Environment 2

While waiting for the food to be arrived, you can enjoy the tea and it environment.

De Tai Tong Dining Environment

The lanterns come with varieties of model starting from traditional lantern to all the animation figure like Doreamon, Ultra-man and the Minions.

Minions Lantern

I have been to so many restaurant but I never seen a restaurant like this. De Tai Tong Café will definitely be one of my favorite pick during Chinese seasonal events.

Does the Dim Sum taste good?

When we go for Dim Sum (点心), we will always remember the small cart that sells the Dim Sum. De Tai Tong café still uses the old methodology and you can get the Dim Sum from the small cart as shown in below picture.

De Tai Tong Push cart

The small cart is actually a mobile station with a steamer as base. The Dim Sum is place on top of the cart to keep it hot and fresh.

De Tai Tong Push cart dishes

There are varieties of Dim Sum on top of the cart, you can just grab the Dim Sum that you likes and start to enjoy the food. Upon you grab the Dim Sum, please make sure the items that you have took has been recorded in the tracking sheet below.  The price range is starting from RM1.20 till RM8.50.

order tracking

For the Dim Sum Café, it normally comes with 2 types of carts; i.e. the steamer cart as shown above and the normal cart without steamer. The second type of carts is basically store the fried Dim Sum.

De Tai Tong Dim sum

For tonight dinner, I have ordered some egg tarts, some steam fish ball and some other dishes. Overall, the taste of the Dim Sum is meeting my expectation. Furthermore, the price tag that  being set at quite reasonable price vs. to competition. Couple with the great environment, it really make a memorable night for me.

Will I come again?

Yes, I will.

When should I come again?

During Chinese seasonal holidays, like Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese News Years and etc.

Restaurant information:

Name: De Tai Tong Cafe

Address: 45, Cintra Streets, 10100 Penang

Telephone: 04-2636625

Opening Hours:  Sun – Monday, from 6:00am till 12midnight

Cuisine: Chinese, Dim Sum

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Superb dining environment during Chinese seasonal holidays.
  • Sell Chinese seasonal items like moon cake.
  • Clean dining environment
  • Great service.
  • Maintain the small pushing cart method for delivering the Dim Sum
  • Dim Sum is meeting my taste buds expectation
  • Reasonable price setting which is competitive and comparable
  • Walking distance to Kimberley Street
  • No Air conditional

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  1. Yea, they hang those lanterns every year at this time, quite a fascinating scene in the heart of georgetown

    • Hi Ken,
      This is very unique and fascinating! Dinner there during Mid-Autumn season is really nice and memorable! It really bring out a lot of old memories that i have in Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a place must GO as we seldom seen these environment during the techky generation.

      rgds, Wong

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