Matsu Chef’s Omakase Promotion

Matsu Chef's Omakase Promotion, 4.3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

I found this promotion thru Facebook and share to my fan in Best Penang Food. I am a big fan for Japanese food and if there is any promotion on Japanese food, I will jump on it. Today, I going to recommend that you go to try out the Matsu Chef’s Omakase promotion.  It will cost you ~RM100 per person after tax and service charges. RM88+ per person before tax.

What is Matsu Chef’s Omakase ?

Omakase (お任せ, o-makase) is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you”….”to Stop” (added by BPF). Matsu is introducing a new kind of serving style where the chef will prepare the dishes to you and you will eat until you stop or full. The bad thing about this serving method is that you can ‘t choose the dishes. The Matsu chef  will prepare and serve you the Japanese food to surprise you! Any variety.

Matsu chef omakase

What is the catch here?

I have quickly give a quick call to Matsu to find out more about this offer. Here is the details that I found :

    • Cost RM88+ per person , no discount given for E&O member card. If there give 50% discount for E&O membership, I believe me and my wife will be there every night. Want to learn how to use E&O membership discount card, click here to read more on my review on Sarkies breakfast. .
    • Promotion end by end of October 2013
    • Promotion valid daily from 6pm till 11pm. Last call on 10:30pm
    • Eat until you request to stop
    • All dishes is in small size instead of original size .
    • I hope the chef’s dishes output will be fast, customer will not need to wait for half and hour before the actual dishes being served. In the early Matsu day, they have a problem in slow serving causes complain by customer. In my review on Matsu, it has been fixed on Aug 2012.
    • Please inform the waitress that you don’t beef  or any food/ingredient, so that they will not serve you the food that you can’t eat. Remember, you can’t choose the dishes.

I haven’t tried this Omakase promotion as I only found out this Omakase promotion for less than 1 hour, but I plan to pay a visit to Matsu soon. I do hope that if you have tried this Matsu Chef’s Omakase promotion, do provide some comment on this post. You comment is highly appreciated.

Last note

I wonder what will happen if I tell the waitress that I don’t eat beef, chicken, rice and vegetable. Will they serve me only the sashimi and tempura or they will reject me as a customer? haha.

I am a big fan of Maguro (tuna) sashimi especially the blue fin tuna. I haven’t get the chance to try out the otoro or toro which is the most expensive part of the tuna. If Matsu do serve me toro or otoro sashimi for one whole night, this will definitely a losing money business. haha.


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  1. just try matsu omakase promotion twice…feel a bit not worth it.
    1st time with my love one, 2 person meal potion still ok, but ony give u some spring roll, salad, fried wantan, mushroom cook with soy sauce, 3 type of sashimi,salmon with 2 difference type of cook, chicken cook with their souce and vegi, and a pair of sushi and finish up with a cup of ice cream. i tot maybe we just 2 person and matsu can’t get profit. so nex visit i arrange with my friend all 9 person. this time the dish even worse……..started almost the same with salad,fried wantan, spring roll, pan fried dumpling, than also same 3 type of sashimi, salmon head and some salmon fillet, we all so excited for the comming dish but finally end up a very disappointed 2 very big sushi roll, the ingredient are cucumber,egg,’fake’crabmeat stick and miso soup. we still keep hope of seeing some best dish and we would like to continue eat and end up their fried out 2 big plate of UDON…..WTF…..alr 10:30 last call, can’t make any complain because this is CHEF OMAKASE, what the chef cook and what u have to eat…end up we joke with friend and said if the chef prepare a dish of ‘SHIT’, than we all also nid to EAT????? hahaha
    normal TEMPURA basic from japanese food also never serve it,
    BBQ squid, BEEF,EEL wo…. just dreaming enough….such a expensive ingredient…. just keep serving the food to make your stomach FULL……

    • Hi Soul,
      Thanks you for your comment! I believe the BPF reader should able to benefit from your feedback/comment which use for go no go justification. I personally appreciate my reader feedback and value it.
      Btw, if you scroll up a bit, you can cast your voting feature on the various star rating. You can rate it as well.

      Wong, Best Penang Food Editor

  2. Yes, just judge yourself. Worth it or not.
    BTW, MATSU lone pine really a great restaurant, nice environment,taste good,service also good.
    I prefer the offer previously who’s made by Matsu. ALL U CAN ORDER FROM MENU” only on Wednesday. This offer better than omakase, u can order what u like to eat, not like chef prepare “SHIT” u also have to finish it….haha

    • I like the Wednesday’s all you can order from menu deal. This method is definitely better than the omakase deal. Hope Matsu get this Wednesday deal back to live again.

      Wong, Best Penang Food Editor.

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