Siam Road Char Koay Teow Review

Siam Road Char Koay Teow Review, 4.6 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

One of the famous Char Koay Teow stall in Penang is located in Siam road (in Malay is called Jalan Siam). I knew about this place for several years but still do not have the opportunity to pay a visit there. On one Friday afternoon, I get the opportunity to go to down town Penang and able to detour to Siam road for a plate of the famous food. Here is how the stall looks like.

Siam road Char Koay Teow stall

This is a road side hawker stall which sells only one dish, i.e. Char Koay Teow. The stall is actually located near the intersection of Siam road and Anson road. If you watch carefully, it is actually walking distance to the Stack burger stall.

When I reached Siam Road, I am so happy that there are only several customers waiting at the store for the famous char koay teow. Without hesitate, I have made my order but I get a shocked response.

You will need to wait for ~ 1 hour before you get the char koay teow!

What ! A lot of question marks start to appear in my mind before me able to ask anything. There are only several customers waiting there but I need to wait for an hour? With my never give up attitude, I do ask and do some investigation. Time needed to fry one plate of char koay teow only take 2 minutes. In other word, they should able to cook 30 plates per hour. This still does not solve my problem where I need to wait for an hour.

Since I need to wait for one hour, I walk around and I found this.

Siam road Char Koay Teow and the restaurant

Ah ha… This explains why I need to wait for one hour before I can get my meal. There are lots of customer waiting at the Hock Ban Hin Café for it famous Char Koay Teow. The Café is open in the afternoon for one purpose, basically to serve all the customer from one little stall. The café owner makes a easy fortune by selling drinks to the customer.

Siam road Char Koay Teow supporting Hock ban Hin cafe

Siam Road Char Koay Teow Environment

Since this is a road side stall, you can either to choose to dine beside the stall by standing method or you can choose the second option. You can enjoy the meal at Hock Ban Hin Café.

Siam road Char Koay Teow wide angle view

The unique thing about this stall is still using charcoal as main fire source. The level of the fire is control by the chef using an old Chinese leaf type fan.

Siam road Char Koay Teow

To cook a good char koay teow, you will really need a strong fire and a strong arm too. The chef will need a lot of experience to cook and control the fire intensity.

Siam road Char Koay Teow using charcoal

Beside the fire, you will need some fresh ingredient like shrimp, bean sprout and Chinese styled sausage as shown below. The Chinese sausage come with different kind of taste and this is one of the main ingredient that made the overall dishes taste differently.

Siam road Char Koay Teow ingredient

Does the Siam road Char Koay Teow taste good?

As a foodies, I have ordered one plate of it famous char koay teow and enjoy it beside the stall by standing. The dishes is actually taste better when you dine beside the stall as it is hotter and you able to feel the environment around where all the customer is waiting for their turn.

Siam road Char Koay Teow 2

The char koay teow do taste good. The portion is just nice for one customer. Do not share it with your friend as it is just not enough.

Will I come again?

Yes, this is one of the best stall in Penang.

Restaurant information:

Name: Siam Road Char Koay Teow

Address: near intersection of Anson road and Siam road

Telephone: –

Opening Hours:  Tue – Sun, 3:00pm till finish

Cuisine: Hawker stall

Homepage: Nil

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review

  • One of the best char koay teow stall in Penang
  • Need to wait for at least 30 minutes as it is a famous stall
  • You can dine at the Hock Ban Hin Café which is directly opposite to the stall.
  • No sales tax or service tax
  • Limited parking
  • Use charcoal as main fire source.
  • Only sell one dishes, i.e. char koay teow (stir fried flat noodle)

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  1. nice review ! wah 1 hour, steady haha !

    • Hi Allan,
      Yup, normally good food need to spend some time to wait. This is especially valid for Char Koay Teow which is a very very slow process.

      Wong, BPF

  2. Just curious, how did the uncle remember his orders? by taking numbers?

  3. Agreed that this is one of the best CKTs in Penang

  4. i have tried this char koay teow before, okay char mee cos he ran out of koay teow, but i thought it’s too oily for my liking..


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