Cafe 55 Penang Review

Cafe 55 Penang Review, 2.9 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Cafe 55 had been on my waiting list for several months as I always saw it product picture on face book. In Nov’13,  I have finally made a move to pay a visit to Cafe 55 in Penang for it famous 3D coffee. Here is how the actual coffee looks like.

Cafe 55 Penang 3D coffee

Cute? Little bit, but still need lot of improvement in creating the 3D bear.

Cafe 55 environment

Cafe 55 is located at the intersection of Lorong Chulia and Jalan Stewart. It is just walking distance from the famous temple called “God of Mercy Temple”. At the famous temple, you can found the famous peanut sesame granola bar as shared previously.

Cafe 55 map

Picture below is the front wide angle view opposite the café. The café is located on the center of the picture.

Cafe 55 Penang wide angle view

Picture below shown the actual front view the cafe 55. It utilized the corner unit and the second unit from the corner for it cafe business.

Cafe 55 Penang

For the customer, you can choose to dine at 3 different locations. i.e.

  1. At the corner unit, inside the cafe 55
  2. Second unit, inside the old pre-war house
  3. Dine at the corridor of the old pre-war house.

For me the foodie, I have chosen the option 3. The reason is pretty straight forward, it gives better Penang feel. Below is the picture comparison for all three locations.

Cafe 55 Penang dining place 3Dining location 1

Cafe 55 Penang dining place 2Dining location 2

Cafe 55 Penang Reading bookDining location 3

Does Cafe 55 Coffee taste good?

The menu of Cafe 55 is very simple with only plain black and white wording only. No picture at all, you will need to read and imagine how is the end product will be.  Menu below shown the coffee selection available in the cafe.

Cafe 55 Penang Coffee Menu

In order to order the cafe with 3D cartoon, you will need to order the coffee that comes with a star beside the price tag. Since my purpose going to this cafe is to try the, I have ordered the cafe latte double shot and my wife have ordered the cappuccino double shot.

Cafe 55 Penang Coffee 2

The quality of the 3D cat or bear is poor, and it still lot of room for improvement. It has no effect to the overall coffee taste but just solely for decoration. This 3D coffee is kind of unique in Penang and cafe 55 is dared to create and explore new opportunity. This 3D coffee idea does bring a special value to attract new customer to the cafe. At least, it attracts me to come and dine.

Cafe 55 Penang and me

Beside the coffee, my wife has ordered the Kahlua brownie as our dessert. Here is how it looks like.

Cafe 55 Penang dessert

This dessert is nice. It come with a scope of ice cream and topped with lot of almond flake. The almond gave the crunchy feel and the brownie gave the softness and sweetness of the dessert.

Cafe 55 Penang reading book 2

I like coffee and I also like to read book. Do remember to bring a book along so that you can read the book and enjoy the coffee. During the afternoon time, this place is shaded and windy which is best place to read book.

Will I come again?

Yes. Great environment for reading book and coffee. 3D coffee too.

Restaurant information:

Name: Cafe 55

Address: 55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Telephone: 04-2622611

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

Cuisine: Western, Coffee

Homepage: Facebook page

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

    • Specialized in 3D coffee, which is unique in Penang
    • Utilized the pre-war commercial lot which gave strong antique feeling
    • Located at the center of the Georgetown.
    • Located at the small side lane, which may be hard to find.
    • Great environment for reading or chatting
    • limited parking
    • 10% service tax, no government tax

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