Moon Tree 47 Cafe Review

Moon Tree 47 Cafe Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Moon Tree 47 Cafe”, interesting name but I have no idea what does it mean. It has no relationship to Cafe either. I found this cafe when I was looking for cafe around the Jalan Muntri, Georgetown. By now, you should able to guess that the shop name is actually link to it location. Muntri does sound like Moon Tree is it?

Moon Tree 47 main entrance

Moon Tree 47 cafe is position itself as a cafe, art gallery and home stay. It is a pre-war historical commercial unit which converted as cafe on the ground floor and home stay on the second floor. You can easily found this cafe as it has a big red color post office box in front of it.

Moon Tree 47 Front View

If you still have difficulty to find this café, just look for Camera Museum instead. The Moon Tree 47 cafe is located on the left side of Camera Museum as shown above.

Pre-war commercial unit

When we talk about pre-war commercial unit, it always links with the style of the building where the width of the unit is ~ 20 ft wide but the length of the unit is > 120 ft. long. Along the long stretch of the unit, it always split into 3 main sections. First is the main living area, then the middle section where it come with a open well design for air circulation and final section is the kitchen section.

Moon Tree 47 cafe’s Environment

Upon you enter the Moon Tree 47 cafe; you will found that the main lobby is full of antique. I can’t show you any picture of it as taking photo is prohibited in this area. You can make the order at the main lobby and proceed to the center section or third section for dining.

Moon Tree 47 center yard 2

Picture above show the center section of the old pre-war unit. It has the open well design and the decoration of the cafe is simple. It does not have the luxury feel or modern feel which you seen in the Starbuck. Instead, it made you feel at home and you can sat on the chair with whatever pattern that you like.

Moon Tree 47 enjoying coffee

Well, without hesitation, I have sit down on the leather chair and put my leg on the wooden chair to enjoy my coffee. Can you do this in Starbuck? May be.

Moon Tree 47 center yard

In the center section, it is well decorated with lot of antique clock on the side of the wall and accompany with a small garden and fish pool. You can definitely enjoy the environment while enjoying your coffee.

Moon Tree 47 clockView from the third section to middle section

In the third section, it comes with some simple metal table  and chair.  The surrounding is well decorated with lot of gardening tree and flower. You really feel that you are close the kitchen. The overall cleanness of the cafe is kind of clean and well maintained. I do not see any  rubbish that scatters around the place.

Moon Tree 47 backyard

Does Moon Tree 47’s food taste good?

When you planned to pay a visit to the Moon Tree 47, you may want to be alert about this cafe’s opening time. The only serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Please do not come during night time.

Moon Tree 47 opening time

The menu of Moon Tree 47 cafe is relative simple. It only has black and white wording and no picture. What you need to do is read and order.

Moon Tree 47 menu

I have made the order of Cafe Lungo. My wife has made an order of espresso and a slide of butter cake. Here is how the actual food looks like. Espresso is on the left and cafe Lungo is on the right.

Moon Tree 47 Coffee

The coffee does taste great and I have no complaint about it. The butter cake do come a long with a scope of ice cream. It is great for a small snack if you feel hungry.

Moon Tree 47 coffee and cake

Will I come again?

Yes, I will. I and my wife really enjoy it environment and coffee.

Restaurant information:

Name: Moon Tree 47 Cafe

Address: 47, Jalan Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang

Telephone: 04-2644021

Opening Hours:  Thur – Tue 9:00am till 7:00PM

Cuisine: café, western, home stay

Homepage: Face book Page


Best Penang Food Editor’s review:

  • Great place for a cup of coffee and snack
  • Well maintain pre-war unit, feel like you are back to 60’ era
  • Nice clean and quiet environment
  • Limited parking along Jalan Muntri
  • Only open during day time. Close during dinner.
  • Lot of antique is being display in main lobby.

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