Pik Nik Everyday Review

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I got to known about Pik Nik Everyday which located in Nagore road as my Best Penang Food Facebook page is being swamped by it! There are more than 5 posts per day in my page! This is real good news for Pik Nik Everyday as they are making good progress in doing networking; and this will attract a lot of new customer to the café.  I don’t have any problem that my Facebook page is swamped ; it actually attracted me.

Yes, I am one of them lucky one which being attracted!  I have made up my mind  and pay a visit there with my lovely wife using my lovely Honda Kiap (motorbike, it is how we called it in Malaysia).  Here is how it looks like.

Outside of Pik Nik Everyday

Pik Nik is located along Jalan Nagore and it utilized 2  units of pre-war shop lot. The sign board is kind of small and you might miss out this café even thought you pass by every day.  But the truth is; you won’t pass by this café everyday as Jalan Nagore is not located along the main road. You will only come to this café with one purpose, i.e. to eat.

Wide angle view of Pik Nik EverydayWide Angle view at Pik Nik

Pik Nik is actually located in the middle unit along the stretch of Jalan Nagore;  there are plenty of car park along the road; so don’t worry about the parking.

Pik NIK Map

Pik Nik is actually walking distance from the famous Continental Bakery, New World Park or the Giant at Penang Plaza. Based on the map above, I am pretty sure that you can locate this café. Along the Jalan Nagore, there are tons of competitions around that sell coffee, like Stigun, the little café and the love bites. Among, all these café, Pik Nik is the clear winner as they have good environment and great networking at Facebook. In order to win in current IT world, you need to have good food and great Facebook networking. If you don’t, just sent out a army of clone robot and get ready for war.

Pik NIk Robot

Pik Nik Everyday’s Environment

Before you enter the café, you will found this beside the main entrance. This is real creative art and feels natural.

Pik Nik Everyday sign board

Pik Nik Everyday does not come with luxury decoration, instead, it was the other side. It come with lot of antique and recycles material within the café. Even the table is using an old door which it isn’t flat at all. The chair also a recycle version. This is real cost saving.

Pik Nik Everyday deco 3

The wall is well decorated with lot of artist drawing and lot of funny word. This really made the café environment unique and makes me feel younger. My kid used to draw car, dragon on the wall; I do feel like I am younger when dining in the café.

Pik Nik Everyday Wording

Picture above is some of the drawing and working on the wall, try to find it when you are in Pik Nik Everyday.

Pik Nik Everyday You are zapped

You are being zapped! I really like the wall art inside Pik Nik everyday. It is real creative

Pik Nik Everyday deco 4

Beside the wall art, each table setting also comes with lots of pillow. You can hug it, sit on it, hit your friend with the pillow or put it on your back as sofa. This really makes you feel that you are sitting on your bed and enjoy the coffee.  There is only one issue; the pillow is being used by multiple customer everyday, I do hope that they wash the pillow case everyday.

Does Pik Nik Everyday Food taste good?

Pik Nik Everyday serve waffle as main dishes. It comes with lots of variety of dishes that uses waffle as main ingredients.

PIK NIK Everyday Menu (2)

The menu is kind of simple. Black and white in color and no picture. Big wording and the price is clearly labeled. I have ordered the Big Fish waffle burger, black magic waffle ice cream.

PIK NIK Everyday Fish Waffle burger

Big fish waffle burger is just an ordinary fish burger with waffle as the bun. It cost RM14 per pc. This is kind of unique burger and it does bring out a different taste for burger.  I do not recall any shop that uses waffle as the burger’s bun except Pik Nik Everyday.

Pik Nik Everyday Waffle ice cream

Black Magic waffle ice cream is shown in above picture. It cost RM18/dishes. It used premium New Zealand natural ice cream as topping.

PIK NIK Everyday Vanilla waffle

Melting Nana waffle ice cream come with caramelized sizzling banana with maple syrup and a scoop of New Zealand premium ice cream. The banana is real good. I do recommend that you try this item.

Pik Nik Everyday Dori Dori Dory Dorry, I luv u ! RM12/bowl

I also order some fried Dory fillet. It cost RM12 per bowl. The Dory fillet does taste good and crispy. it’s not oily too.  It is real value for money when compare to waffle. Highly recommended that you try this when you visiting Pik Nik Everyday.

Pik Nik Everyday cuppocino

Lastly, a cup of coffee is what is needed to complete the meal.

After you have completed your meal, it is time to close the bill. You will receive this box upon you make the request for billing.

Pik Nik Everyday Cash box

Hey, I don’t need medicine, I just need the bill. When you open up the medicine metal box, you will see this.

Pik Nik Everyday cash term only

They only accept cash! No credit card facility is provided. Please pay in cash term.

Will I come again?

Yes, I will.

Restaurant information:

Name: Pik Nik Everyday

Address: 15, Nagore road, 10050, Penang.

Telephone: 04-2260562

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 3:00pm till 12:00am

Fri, Sat : 3:00pm till 2:00am

Cuisine: waffle, western

Homepage: Facebook Page

E-mail: piknikeveryday@gmail.com

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Owned by a group of young entrepreneur
  • High creative decoration with lot of recycle stuff
  • Great place for chit chat (Lepak in Malay) with fried with some light food
  • Specialized in waffle dishes
  • lots of parking
  • Only open on 3pm till 12am
  • No government tax and service tax
  • Free WIFI

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