Food Panda Review

Food Panda is a newly startup company with less than 5 years old.  It is started up in Singapore on year 2011 to provide food delivery service from the restaurant to customer. Customer will make the order in Food Panda’s local web and the food will be delivered within 1 hour.

At the time that I am writing this review, Food Panda had already expanded the business to 33 different countries and it is continue growing. They started at Singapore with ~ 4 to 5 staff and gradually increase to ~ 500 staffs. To tell you the truth, this business is really BIG.

How do I get to know Food Panda?

In Penang, I only know about the delivery service called “Deliver Eat”.  Why I only know about deliver eat? Well, most of the Penang restaurant will have the deliver eat leaflet on their counter and that how I get to know it. May be this is one of the items that Food Panda marketing needs to work on it.

One day, Food Panda Marketing drops me a mail to discuss about the Food Panda delivery service review.  Well, I said” Why not!”. I likes to write review; especially to those newly start up business.  As a return to review effort, they has provided me 10 discount codes for me to give away to Best Penang Food fan to try it out.

If you want to get the discount code, just click LIKE in my Best Penang Food facebook page. Who know, you will be the lucky one.

The deal is; I will write a review after I tried their service which is fair to both party. I will share all my experience (Good and bad) and I do hope Food Panda able to get my input and improve from there. I will update the review upon improvement been done.

Food Panda Google search result

To look for Food Panda website, the best way is to search from the web. Alternate way is to type the full address in web browser. I believe; most of the customer will search thru the web. If you key in the Food Panda in Google search engine, you will get this search result from Google as shown below ( This is what I get when I search for it, you may get different result as what I get!).

Food Panda Search engine result

Top 1 search result is Food Panda India site, second is the food panda main site and the third is the Singapore site and the forth is the Malaysia site. For end customer, customer will get confused if there are too many choices. I believe most of the customer will click on the first choice and this will direct the customer to their India site which is wrong. I actually stay in Penang, and not in India! To be sincere to you, how many customer like me that know how to differentiate this? This will need to be solved by their IT department. Preferable to have only the .com site shown up in the search results. The site will automatically redirect customer to correct country web page on second return.

Food Panda Main site

When you click on the site, you will be directed to their main site as shown as below.

Food Panda world wide site

The site is clean and lean; what you need do is to click the country that you reside in. For me, I will choose Malaysia as Penang is located within Malaysia. Upon you clicked the Malaysia button, you will be re-directing to site as shown below.

Food Panda Malaysia site

The site is clean and lean with simple template. Here is the problem, if you browse thru Food Panda site in India, Thailand and etc. All of them is having the same display (or so called template). There is no country label on top!  You have no idea whether that you are entering the right country to order the food or not. What lagging here is that they should have a country label and a change country option near the yellow arrow.

To start ordering, what you need to do is to setup an account for free. I am not going to guide you thru the process as the registration process is really simple. Upon you registered, you will receive a mail from Food Panda for registration verification. Do click on it so that you can complete the account registration.

Before you start ordering, it will be good that you setup the delivery address in your account so that you get a faster check out. To insert an address to the account, you will need to follow below sequence:  login into the food panda –> my account (on the top right) –> my addresses –> add address. Select the state and area of where you stay, then click set are button. A new window will pop up as below.

Create address

What you need to do is to fill in the details address in street and click the create button on the bottom right. But wait, the button is actually block by the let’s talk picture. I have no way to click it in my laptop. I have to move the screen to the extended screen in order to complete the registration. At the time I write this review, “Let’s talk cursor” is missing; may be Food Panda has already revised and fixed their live chat interface.

If your living address is not in the list, please chat with the live support. High potential is that your living area address is not in the coverage area and you unable to get the delivery service.

Food Panda Ordering Process

To start to search for food, you will need to do is to follow below steps.

  1. Set the city
  2. Set the location
  3. click the “Find Food now” button

You will get the search result as shown below. Screen shot below is the partial list of the 35 search result. Each restaurant has a clearly stated operating time, delivery cost and delivery time.  You will not able to order the food of any particular restaurant if it is outside the operating hour except pre-order services.

Search result

To start ordering, just click on the “Go to menu” button on the right and select the item that you want to order. Below is the sample order that I did in Kashmir in Penang.

Pre order screen

Each items that you selected in the menu will appear in the “Your order” form on the right. It clearly stated what are the items that you ordered from Kashmir and what is the total cost needed.

If you ordering outside the working hour or that particular restaurant, the button will change to “Preorder” as shown above, else it will show “Proceed to check out”.

Food Panda Check Out Process.

The check out process is relative simple. If you are used to eBay checkout process using Paypal, then you are ready to rock. You can choose several different ways to check out like COD, Paypal or credit card.

Food panda Payment option

The payment option is really cool and you can choose Cash on Delivery (COD), Paypal or credit card. If you don’t have paypal or credit card, you can always choose COD. You will only paid when the food is delivered to your home.

If you have the discount code, you will need to key into this box before you proceed to make the payment by clicking the “Place order now”  Please click the “Click here” below the “Enter Voucher code” in order to have the code and submit button to show up.

Voucher and discount code

When should I make the order?

Well, this is an easy question but with difficult answer. When you make the order, you will only receive the food with in 1 hour or more.  I would recommend that you start the ordering process earlier and set the delivery time that you need before you place the order.

Food Panda delivery option

If you don’t trust the food panda delivery option, you can choose to pick it up yourself. Well, this really defeat the food panda’s purpose as you still need to spend time to go to the restaurant to pick up the food.

I have personally tried the service for 2 times. Here is the actual timing of the delivery.

  • 2 cup of Dome coffee; ordered on 2:05pm, normal working day and delivered to my office at 2:55pm.
  • 1 box of Kashmir’s rice and 1 set of Sakae Sushi on Sunday night 7pm. This is consider peak hours in Penang. Both the food delivered to my home at 7:55pm

The food panda delivery time is still within my expectation and I would recommend that you try it. This delivery option do come in as a handy option especially on the peak hours where Penang is famous for hawker food and traffic jam. You may stuck in traffic for hours before you reach the shopping center. You may need to wait for hours in the restaurant before you can complete the dinner.  By choosing Food panda delivery service, what you need to do is to wait at home and get ready to eat.

    As second scenario, Imagine that your son would like to eat Kashmir nasi kandar in downtown but you wife would like to eat Sakae Sushi in Gurney plaza. These 2 places will not locate in the same area.  If you choose to dine in, you will not able to meet both of the selection. If you choose the delivery option, this issue solved. The only problem with food panda is, you will not able to check out individual restaurant separately. In other word, you will need to check out 2 times. If you ordered the food from 5 different restaurants, you will need to check out for 5 times. What a jokes! Not user friendly at all. Instead of 5 times checkout, Food Panda will need to improve their ordering system and made the order in one checkout. Well, customer oriented user interface and experience is really important in this IT generation. How is the delivery service look like?

How does the food being delivered?

Upon the place order completed, you will receive a SMS notification on the expected delivery time. When the food is arrived, the delivery guy will give you a call to meet up to get the foods that I have ordered. Here is how the delivery guy looks like.

Food Panda delivery man

In above picture, I have actually ordered 2 cups of cafe latte from DOME. The item is being delivered on time which is good for customer. The bad part is; you are actually getting the food from a stranger which do not have any Food Panda uniform nor bike. This is kind of make me worry and discomfort on receiving the food and consume it.  Will you feel comfortable with this?

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • New delivery business with less than 5 years old but expanded to more than 33 countries in short period
  • Provide food delivery service for common restaurant’s food to local community
  • No hawker food is being support as of this moment
  • Food is ordered on-line and the food will be delivered with in 1 hour
  • Food quality is dependant to the local restaurant; Food Panda will collect the food from the restaurant and deliver to you.
  • Lot of minor improvement is needed in order to made the web user interface more friendly
  • Lot of branding issue need to resolved thus give confidence to local community to continue to support Food Panda
  • No coverage map is being shown
  • No country site shown, customer might enter the wrong country site.

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