Lovecipes Cafe Review

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Lovecipes is the fusion of two words, i.e. love and recipes! In Chinese, it is called “爱心味”. All the food prepared in the cafe is full with love and passion. No preservative (or MSG) is being added. The cafe is located in the middle of a row of commercial office along Rangoon road.

Lovecipes location

Around the Rangoon road, it is surrounded by famous food street like  Lorong Selamat, Lorong Abu Siti, Jalan Macalister and Jalan Burma. Rangoon road can be considered located at the center of the Penang Food heaven. Rangoon road is a one way street where you can only access from Burma Road by turning left. Below is the actual front view of Lovecipes cafe.

Lovecipes Cafe front View

Lovecipes Cafe Environment

Lovecipes cafe is newly open cafe on 4th August, 2013, which is just around half a year old by February 2014.  It is kind of hard to find this cafe is the sign board is kind of small. Instead of looking at the main signboard, a lollipop shape sign board below might give a better attraction to the traffic that pass by Rangoon road.

Lovecipes signboard

Upon you enter the Lovecipes Cafe; you will found the main counter on left and some wall art on the left. You will have a strong feeling that you are entering a traditional Chinese tea house and it only sell vegetarian.

Lovecipes wall art

Yes, indeed that Lovecipes cafe only sells vegetarian food and tea but no freshly brewed coffee. Upon you pass thru the main counter; you will found the main dining hall.

Wide angle Lovecipes Interior

Most of the decoration is uses old wooden chair and table accompany with some old photo frame. Instantaneously, that you will found that you are back in 1960’s couple with strong feeling of dining at home.

Lovecipes old photo

You will found that those old photo do draw a lot of attention and curiosity to the customer. Most of the sweet memories is hidden inside the photo that hang and the wall.

Lovecipes dining hall 3

The overall dining hall environment is  clean and quiet. It is fully air conditioned and suitable for customer who’s like a quiet place for reading or a place a small gathering.

How does Lovecipes cafe’s food taste?

This is an invited review where I have the chance to meet with the owner Mr. Koay and get to knew another young entrepreneur in Penang. In this review, we have tried 3 dishes which are Lovecipes main attraction in the cafe. i.e. Penang Lor Bak, Penang Bak Kuet Teh and Lui Cha as shown in below picture.

Lovecipes Boss Mr Koay

In the discussion with Mr. Koay, the owner told me that Lovecipes cafe position itself as non fully vegetarian cafe as some of the dishes uses onion. All the dishes here are uses vegetarian ingredient and they promote healthy food the customer.

Lovecipes Cafe

This is the Hakka Lui Cha (客家擂茶饭) rice. It is topped with 6 major ingredients and mixed with the tea’s soup. The taste of the tea is less strong but when it mixed with the rice, the taste It is just nice.  I do hope that they do provide additional topping (with additional charges as well) and soup, this will definitely make the Lui Cha better.

Lovecipes Lor Bak

The lor bak is crunchy and it really tastes similar to normal lor bak with pork filler.

Lovecipes Bak Kuet Teh

Dishes that we tried

The Bak Kuet Teh is kind of sweet due to the natural Chinese herb being selected as main ingredient for the soup. Children will definitely like it as the taste of natural is not too strong. There is no MSG added for all the dishes which prepared in Lovecipes cafe. I like this “No MSG” concept a lots.

Beside the main dishes, the drink that comes along with the set is kind of interesting. The juice is extract using cold pressed method where the original taste of the juice is preserved. I really like their sour plum juice. Nice.

Lovecipes cafe weekday lunch set promotion

The cafe provides week day’s lunch set promotion with the price tag starting from RM7.90. This promotion start from 11am till 2pm. The package comes with a drink, the main course and the dessert (either fruits or ice cream). I would say the lunch set is affordable and with reasonable price. You are able to dine in great environment and get healthy food too.

Will I come again?


Restaurant information:

Name: Lovecipes Cafe

Address: 42 Jalan Rangoon, 10400 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: Mr. Koay 014-3069942

Operating Hours: Tue – Sun: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Vegetarian / fusion

Homepage: Lovecipes Homepage


Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • New healthy food cafe with ~ 6 months old
  • Located in center of Georgetown
  • Clean, well decorated and quiet dining environment with 1960’s feel
  • Strong home feeling and great place for small gathering
  • Lot of parking along the road.
  • Weekday set lunch is only cost RM7.90 onward. Cheaper than McD and healthy food.
  • No “MSG” added to all the dishes. I like it.

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  1. Sounds good for MSG-free, no prices for ala-carte orders? I am quite interested to know the price for that Hakka Lui Tea

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