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Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge is located in Vantage, Tanjong Tokong; a newly developed commercial area by E&O. The occupancy rate here is low and it started with some restaurants like Asiatique and Victoria Sweet Pastry.  Picture below show the front view of Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge restaurant.

Front view of Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge

Viewing from the front of the restaurant, you will found that the Asiatique is a well decorated restaurant with the fusion of Asia food to western food. This is clearly shown in the sign board itself and it decoration. As a result, you will be set your expectation that you will found lot of local delegacy that fusion into the main course.  Does this is the true case? Let go and check it out.

Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge Environment

Upon you enter the restaurant; you will found that the dining environment is lightly lighted with kind of romantic and high class feel.

Interior view of Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge

All the dining will happen on the left and the open kitchen will happen on the right. You can choose to sit beside the open kitchen and observe how the chef prepares the food while enjoying a glass of wine. If you dine in with your love mate or family, it would be better to choose to sit on the left side.

Open Kitchen design of Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge

Overall dining environment is clean, comfortable and cool. Even thought the chef is preparing the food in the kitchen, it is not too noisy and killing the overall environment. The dining hall is couple with some soft music and you will definitely enjoying the dining environment at Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge.

Does Asiatique’s food taste good?

This is an invited review where our team of 3 able to enjoy a variety of foods and share with our reader. All the dishes is being prepared and cooked upon ordered. Here is the first dish, i.e. Potato and Leek Miso soup (RM11).

Potato and Leek Miso Soup

Looking at the setting of the soup, it looks no different to competition. It is topped with some crispy tofu puffs, mints herb and nori crackers. The taste of the soup is kind of unique and it come strong potato taste. I really like the taste of the soup.  The soup is not too creamy and I don’t think you have any issue to finish it.

Chilled Silken Tofu 2

Second starter that we tried is the chilled silken tofu(RM12). The tofu is fresh and chilled. It is topped with lot of ebiko, dried shrimp, seafood sauce, olive oil and some chives.

Aldrin preparing the Tofu

Chilled Silken Tofu

It looks like a big sushi but using tofu instead. The tofu is chilled and it really tastes fresh. The seafood sauce is mixed with some dried shrimp and caviar; it is a simple dish but the taste is really refreshing.

Apple and Fennel Salad

The salad that I ordered is called Apple and Fennel salad(RM12). The salad is mixed with some apple slides, fresh vegetable,  vinegar and crunchy walnuts. The overall taste is kind of little bit sour due to the apple and vinegar used, but mixed with some sweet taste when you bite on the crunchy walnut. I really like this salad.

Five spice duck breast 3

Five spice duck breast 2

Pictures above showed the 5 spice duck breast (RM34). You can see that the whole chunk of duck breast is being marinated with 5 Chinese spices topped with some crunchy twisted yam. The duck breast is being marinated in Chinese way but displayed in western style. The duck breast is a little bit hard and less juicy; this may be due to its natural property of the duck breast. Well, to make a great dish using a big chunk of duck breast is not an easy task.

Pan Seared Salmon

The pan seared salmon (RM30) is topped with picked cucumber and fermented prawn foam. The salmon slide can be dipped with laksa cream and it gives a different in taste in salmon. This is some fusion that you won’t find in other western restaurant.

Coconut and gingen carbonara fettuccini

The third main course that we tried is the Coconut and ginger carbonara fettuccini (RM24). It comes with some chicken slide and special coconut fusion carbonara sauce mixed with the fettuccini. It is a bit creamy to my taste but the strong coconut taste in the carbonara sauce does draw my attention. Chef Aldrien does spend a lot of time to fusion the Asia taste into the western recipe; you will really enjoy the fine food that prepare by Chef Aldrien .

Cendol and red bean panna cottta

After the main course, we being serve with two desserts. The first dessert is chendol and red bean panna cotta (RM12). The base of the dessert is the famous Penang chendol pudding with some red bean mixed within.  It is topped with a scope of ice cream and surrounded with some “Gula Melaka” flake and sauce. If you choose to scope only the pudding without the gula Melaka, it really taste like Penang flavor chendol; but when you mixed with the gula Melaka flake, it really bring up the Melaka version of chendol. I really like this dessert, you should try it.

Tropical Fruit Strudel

We ended our food tasting with the tropical fruit strudel (RM14). You will need to wait for more than 15 minutes if you planned to order this dessert. We would advise that you order this dessert early so that you can enjoy it at the end. The strudel is place on top of glass and it come with a scope of ice scream as well. The strudel is basically a layered pastry with some sweet filling. In this case, the layered pastry is kind of crispy and the inner filling is full of tropical fruit. I have forgotten what is the fruit in it is, but it does taste very good. Highly recommend it.

Tropical Fruit Strudel 2

About Chef Aldrien Moh and his menu

Young entrepreneur and the main chef of Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge;  Aldrien Moh aged 27. He returned to Penang upon graduation from the culinary stripes in Australia and started the Asiatique kitchen and lounge in Vantage, Tanjung Tokong. At the time of review, Asiatique is less than half years old.

Aldrin Moh Asiatique

During the food tasting session, I was lucky that i met with Aldrien‘s mother and have a short chat. Aldrien was the only children in the family. His mother detected that he like cooking as he likes to watch the food channel.


Asiatique Kitchen & lounge’s menu is just a plan big sheet of A3 size sheet. It is simple and have all the description and price listed there. The dishes listed in the menu will continue to evolve with the demand from customer. I believe it will take another 2 to 3 iteration before the real Asiatique signature dishes will be defined.

All the dishes prepared in Asiatique are MSG free. Most of ingredients were being prepared in the afternoon session and Chef Aldrien will perform the final touch upon order is made. If you are the regular customer in Asiatique, you will found that the kitchen staff is only consist 3 person. If you are kind of short of time, you may need to consider other places for your dinner as it may take some time before the dishes will be served.

Last but not least, with high passion and innovation from Chef Aldrien , i do hope that the restaurant able to sustain and growth in size in near future.

Will i come again?

Yes, great food and great dining environment.

Restaurant information:

Name: Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge

Address: C-G-3, Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: Mr.Aldrien Moh. 04-8903995

Operating Hours: Wed – Mon 12:00 noon till 11:00PM

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Homepage : Asiatique homepage

E-mail: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • New Asian fusion restaurant located in Vantage Desiran Tanjung Tokong
  • Young entrepreneur and the main chef, Aldrien Moh
  • Serve great Asian fusion dishes that only found in Asiatique
  • No MSG being used
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Fully air conditioned with open kitchen concept dining hall
  • Quiet and romantic environment
  • Lot of parking but bad road routing design due to new developed area
  • May need longer waiting time as limited kitchen chef.

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