Sakana Sushi | Revisit

Sakana Sushi | Revisit, 4.2 out of 5 based on 1 rating

My first visit to Sakana Sushi was happen in April 2013 (Actual posting on May 2013). After one year (wow,… time pass pretty fast); Alex has invited me to pay a visit to his Sakana Sushi bar to try our his sushi. Alex told me that he had finally get hired an executive Japanese chef with 30 years joining his team ! I am very excited as this is a real milestone for Alex and it will benefit for the customer as well.

For a successful Japanese restaurant, it chef play an important role in the business. Aside of able to hire such a skillful Japanese chef, Alex able to leverage chef knowledge & contact in improving it restaurant in sourcing better raw material and improving the taste to suit the local customer. In other word, it business will steady ramp and it will drive the gross margin up.

To celebrate this major milestone, Sakana Sushi is giving out 10% off in total bill for all it customer. The deal is only valid till end of April 2014.

Sakana new chef promotion

Does Sakana Sushi taste better?

In this review, i am actually walking in as a normal customer and tried out several dishes in Sakana. Here is what i have ordered.

Sakana Deluxe assorted Sushi 2 Deluxe assorted Sushi

Sakana Deluxe Assorted Sushi Deluxe assorted roasted sushi – RM40

Sakana rainbow maki Rainbow Maki – RM18

Sakana Special Maki Sakana special Maki – RM22

Sakana Unagi Tosa Maki Unagi Tosa Maki  – RM22

Sakana Maguro wakame Salad Maguro Wakame Salad – RM18

Sakana ebi tempura Ebi Tempura – RM16

Sakana Tori KatsuTori Katsu – RM12

Among all the dishes that i tried above, i personally like the rainbow maki,  sakana special maki and maguro wakame salad. The salad is real refreshing as it is being topped with cold salad sauce.  All the dishes is well prepared with fresh ingredient and you should not have any issue with the quality of the Japanese sushi.

There are still some items listed in my previous review that are still pending resolution. The  air conditional still need to improve as it is not cool enough. The Kaiser belt is under utilized. In my personal opinion, the sushi bar table around the kaiser belt should be change to normal table setting like Sakae sushi. All these items are not related to their food quality but related to dining setting, it should not stopping all the sushi lovers to pay a visit to Sakana sushi bar.

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  1. If what you said is true, Sakana has quite a fine choice of dishes. :-)

    • All the order is being made in real time mode. The quality of the food is well control now upon the new chef is in. But i do hope that Sakana install more air condition as it might get hot during lunch.

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