Wan Tan Mee House Review

27th April 2014, Sunday; Me and my wife setup for another round of food hunt and we found this new restaurant in Pulau Tikus. It is called Wan Tan Mee house. This is a newly open restaurant where it is only selling one item, i.e. Wan Tan Mee / Noodle which I liked. Here is how the front views of the shop.

Wan Tan Mee House front view

Based on the front setting with lot of flower bouquet, I am pretty sure that this Wan Tan Mee house was just open for business.  As a walking in customer, I have ordered my Wan Tan Mee as hi tea.

Wan Tan Mee House Environment

This restaurant is actually located in the Pulau Tikus main road i.e. Jalan Burma. I am actually standing in front of Pulau Tikus police station and the restaurant is directly opposite to it.

Wan Tan Mee House wide angle view

Upon you walk into the restaurant, you will be able found out that this is a Chinese owned restaurant. How does I know about it? I just feel it. Do you believe it?

Wan Tan Mee House interior view

Well, based on above picture, you basically won’t know who the owner is. I do have a short chat with the owner when I was there; He is a Chinese.

There is no air conditional in this restaurant. You will need to sweat while dining. The ceiling fan quantity is insufficient and it only sufficient to cover the center region. The dining table is marble based but the chair is just some plastic stool. It will be great to get some wooden chair instead.  The overall environment is new and clean is this is the day 1 in operation.  I do hope that they can maintain the cleanness forever.

Does it taste good?

We reached the restaurant around 3PM and the restaurant is still packed. There are no much choices left except the Wan Tan Mee. There is no menu and you will need to order thru the waitress. It will be good that they create the ordering system/menu similar to I Mum Mum Pan mee.

I have ordered 2 plate of noodle and here is how the actual dishes look likes.

Wan Tan Mee House noodle

Wan Tan Mee House noodle 2 RM4 per plate, kind of expensive

Unlike the normal Wan Tan mee that you get in other stall which is black in color, this version of noodle come with some egg in gravy soup. These gravy egg soup can only found in Sar Hor Fun (炒河粉) and now being couple into the Wan Tan Mee. It also comes with some slices of roasted pork, vegetable and some Wan Tan (云吞).

The Wan Tan that I tried today; it is kind of solid, hard and the noodle tend to sticking together. The gravy is kind of too sticky and dry. They also use the pork lard as part of the ingredient. Their quality might be degraded due to first day opening. I do hope that they can improve the quality.   I don’t like this Wan Tan Mee even though it is kind of special.

Will I come again?


Restaurant information:

Name: Wan Tan mee House

Address: Opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station, Jalan Burma

Tel: Nil

Operating hours: Nil

Cuisine: Noodle

Homepage: Nil

Email: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Wan Tan mee specialized restaurant
  • Unique topping with egg gravy on top
  • Use pork lard as part of the ingredient which might make the dishes take better
  • Not halal
  • No parking in front of the restaurant, customer will need to park at the back near the market
  • No soup given
  • Need further improvement on the noodle and it gravy.
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  1. It does look different from the typical WTM. :-)

    What time did you drop by?

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